Friday, December 31, 2010


Wow say it isn't so....2011 almost here?  Time, where does it go.  It seems like when you are young time doesn't move fast enough.....usually we can't wait to turn sixteen, then 21.  But after 21 no one really warns you that times starts to move quickly.  Seriously before you know it your in your mid twenties, and then 30's and the numbers seem to grey out quickly.

Wish I had known that at twenty, maybe then I would have taken resolutions more serious or put more thought into them.  I'd like to think I would have reflected more, and maybe delved a little deeper into the mysteries of life.  Or tried to hurry up the learning process a little quicker, or maybe have found more ways to gain wisdom and knowledge.  Who knows it is easy to look back and say what we may have or have not done differently had we known what we do in the present.

And the present is the only thing we really have, it is the time to change or become who we want to be.  Try to shape our lives into what we dream or desire them to look like. To pursue happiness.  To choose whom we want in our lives.  To express how we really feel.  To try to be the best we can be.  To rid our lives of anything unhealthy, negative or that bring us down.  Essentially to take stock of our lives. And what better time then the New Year.

I'll say this, 2010 was nothing like I expected.  Lost my job this time last year and my hopeful plan to  find something within six months, nada.  Six months turned into almost a year and I can hardly believe I am where I am.   Never thought I would be one of the 15 million Americans without a job. (obtaining a university degree guarantees nothing) haha

But you know what?  I've learned a lot, things I could have never learned had it not happened!

Most importantly....I am not what I do for a living, nor are you, or anyone else in this world.  There is far more to each of us then some job title.  Why didn't I get that growing up?   I would have probably majored in something completely different had I thought about happiness over money/title.   Now suddenly it is all clear....

 It isn't about what you grow up to be, it is about who you grow up to be!

Titles, degrees, whatever.... don't make someone better than another.  I believe it is ones character, ones values, morals....ones heart, ones soul, our capacity to give, to be kind, to love, to understand right from wrong, and well the list is long.  Know what I mean?

The true a ha moment came in conversation with my man when in conversation he nonchalantly said he would never want to marry just a secretary, bartender, or certain other occupations.  And I could not believe what I was hearing.  What?  How judgemental is what I exclaimed.  But then I realized he probably isn't alone.  I mean how many other people tend to be just as judgemental, many more than we even know or what to believe.  And what a learning moment it was when I truly thought about what the enormity of it. Anyway....
I've learned it doesn't matter if you live in a mansion or shack, as long as it is a safe, healthy place where the heart feels at home.  It doesn't matter who designs what we wear as long as we have clothes and feel good in them.  And quite frankly it feels better to know I stained a $10 than a $40.  ; )  I've learned coupons really do save money.  And slow cookers time!

 I learned that insulation in a home is very important, and that is it hard to look/feel good with 4 layers on. ( If only they could make sexier, heavier sweaters/shirts for us girls in cold climates.)  I learned that in challenging times you find out who your real friends are, and who really loves you just for you.   I who math is a foreign subject learned to do all household finances.  I learned that reading blogs is not only fun but incredibly inspiring somedays. And I'm sure there is lots I'm leaving out but I gotta start cooking dinner.  ; ) 

All I know is reflecting back makes me realize how much I have learned, and how much there still is to learn.  Life is a mystery in many, many ways none of us will ever be able to explain why certain things happen.  But what is certain is come New Years each of us has the ability to start anew,  we get the chance to try to be better ourselves, and become better people and hopefully make this world a better place.  New Years holds possibility, or possibilities.  And possibility can change not only one soul but many! 

Happy New Years to all!  And may all our desires ,dreams, hopes, wishes, and whatever else come true this year!

{And thanks to all those you follow my blog.  This started out as a simple way to express my thoughts much like a journal.  Somehow in the process I have not only come across some amazingly, beautiful blogs but souls as well, for that I am grateful.  Your comments are always welcome, whether we agree or disagree is not what matters, what matters is that one has an opinion or thought, and feels free to express it.  And please always feel free to directly email me as well, as you never know when the possibility of a great friendship or inspiration may be found!}

Favorite Moments Of 2010

{relaxing spring day at beach}

{hayride and punpkin patch with neice}

{gorgeous, stress relieving golf outing on a perfect sunny day}

{moving day into the cottage}

{swallowtail hanging out on my butterfly bush....simply amazing}

{free tickets to Phillies game always fun on a hot summer night}


  1. After 21... life becomes a blur. I try so hard to slow it down... but it just doesn't seem to work.

    Here's to an amazing 2011... Happy New Year my friend :)

  2. man sorry to confess that i'm drunk reading this but I can comprehend what you're saying and its an awesome post ;)


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