Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday Musings

This Monday we are trying to dig our way out of the snow.  Philadelphia for the most part has been under blizzard like conditions since yesterday.  

So much so that the nfl actually cancelled the football game schedule for Sunday night. (which by the way disappointed a lot of fans here who wanted to see a game played in snow) In fact, our governor is basically calling the nfl wusses. haha   Guess he just feels if other teams like Minnesota, Green Bay, New England and Detroit can play in snow why not Philly. 

As for the weekend festivities.  Christmas Eve seemed to go by so fast, isn't that always the way when you are having fun.  My Italian feast that I prepared went over quite well, in fact there were hints that maybe we should make it an official tradition.  I must admit that is the most stuffed I have felt in a while.  If I could have I would have just kept eating.

My niece was thrilled with her toys, which she kept us all busy playing with.  I would recommend the Melissa and Doug brand to anyone.  Their food sets are amazing, so real and children can actually cut the food because each piece velcros together and when you cut the food it even sounds like the real thing.   The toys they have these days are pretty amazing.

{this is their cookie set, the icing on each cookie is attached by velcro}

So after eating a ton, playing like we were kids again everyone eventually headed home around 10 because the little one needed to sleep.  Though I wish everyone could have stayed later.  My man declared it had been a long day so he went to bed as soon as everyone left, I was rather energized after eating all the food and dessert so I decided to watch a movie what better flick than Twilight. (I've lost track of how many times I've watched it now) 

Christmas Day the man went to Long Island, NY to spend the day with his sister and mother.  I went to my sisters instead because his mother doesn't allow our dog in her house. (even though she is house trained, doesn't shed and basically just sleeps most of the day)  But we won't even go there.  Usually we leave her with my family for the day but this year with my parents house under renovation that wasn't an option.  
Christmas Day at my sisters house was a blast. 

So in a way I'm glad I stayed here because it was so much fun and we had a lot of laughs.  I love those silly moments.  My niece opened more toys, wanted all of us to play and dance with her which we did.  And my sister cooked this amazing dinner which I think should become another family tradition as well.  Ham,chicken, string bean casserole, sweet potatoes, bread, you name it.  The chicken had cooked for awhile, and the little timer would not pop, which turned into a rather funny moment too.  With everyone crowded around the oven trying to figure out if it was done.

{my brother in law carvering the chicken}

And of course my family brought me presents even though I asked them not to this year.  Even my man's family brought me presents.  I was very surprised.  Being unemployed this year I expected we would all just take a break from gift giving and pick it up next year when I had money.  But my mother said no way, that parents are allowed to spoil their children no matter how old.  Oh you have to know my mother, she is the kindest most giving person I know! 

And she surprised me with a kitchen aid mixer, literally it brought tears to my eyes.  I never expected such a gift and for her to buy something like that.  I have a little hand held mixer that barely navigated cookie dough so now I can really bake.  Giada watch out AM is taking over the kitchen!  ; )

And yeah I know the man and I said we weren't going to exchange gifts this season, but of anyone, I was secretly hoping he would get me something. (I like to have little things to associate with him each season)  He went shopping for his mother and sister, so I was hoping maybe.  But that's okay because he is just following what we said we would do this year. And quite frankly I'm disappointed we didn't exchange gifts because I love buying gifts for him. 

In general I enjoy seeing the look on peoples faces when they open gifts.  I love trying to pick special gifts for people.  Oh well, if I dwell on it too long I'm only going to feel depressed. haha   At least I got him to take a photo which isn't always easy. (he just doesn't like taking too many photos)  Think for the New Year I have to get him to make a resolution to like more things. haha

{yeah a family photo}

Sunday basically did laundry, cleaned up the house a little, and then watched the snow fall.  Also had to try and shovel a few paths so my dog could have a place to walk. (her legs are too tiny to navigate deep snow).  The shoveling took a much harder toll then I expected let's just say my heart didn't like it too much. 

Anyway, it's Monday, we have lots of snow, it's freezing, and we decided to make this a lounge in bed afternoon!

{the snow is taller than her and if we don't make paths she gets stuck in the snow trying to pee}


  1. Sounds like a perfect Christmas. I am so with you on the velcro play food. Our kiddos love them so much and it makes for such wonderful pretend play!

  2. awwww cute pup! I'm glad the cooking went well! And I'm glad that your mom spoiled you with presents! you deserve it!

  3. This sounds like a great Christmas! I live in the Philadelphia area too, and I was so happy about the snow! Well, it was a bummer that the game was canceled, but my office closed on Monday, so I was thrilled about that part! And of course, it was nice that my dad and brother did all the shoveling! Just found your blog, love it!


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