Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday Musings

Monday already?  How is it the weekends seem to go by so quickly....

And what a cold Monday it is.  Seriously temperatures are a good 20 degrees below normal.  And if it is going to be this cold, well let it snow.

Our weekend was filled with fun.  Started off with a Villanova basketball game on Friday night.  Saturday we babysat for my niece.  Talk about pure joy.  She is simply amazing.  What many would refer to as an old soul actually, as her knowledge and wisdom at the mere age of 2 is stunning.  And she is so much fun to be around! 

Sunday we decided since it was so cold to call it a bed day.  Now that we have a new bed it makes a perfect spot to lounge.  And that we did until this morning. Well we got up to eat dinner but quickly hurried back.  (and no it is not what you think....we honestly did spend it just lounging....get your mind out of the guters) haha  Watched football, a little Jerseylicious and then more football.  It is good to have those type days because they help refresh the soul.

Have I mentioned the treadmill is currently in the basement, in a spot that makes it hard to use.  Today I decided I should really try to get back to a semi workout routine again. (because the walk to the game the other night wore me out)  So I tried one of those On Demand videos.  Let's just say I'm completely uncordinated and laughed at my half attempted moves.  As picking up the routine was a workout in itself. No wonder I stick to the treadmill. 

For those of you who don't know, I have a condition known as Tachycardia.  Basically it produces a high heart rate, even while resting. And it can bring on some very uncomfortable symptoms as well. It is something I was diagnosed with out of the clear blue a few years ago. I take medication for it, but it makes working out more difficult, as finding something that isn't too strenuous, yet builds strength, endurance, and cardio isn't easy.

It makes sticking to a work out routine even more challenging somedays because I need to take my medicine and a little food before I would work out in the morning, but then that doesn't allow enough time when working.  Evening are always so busy, plus after a long day it is hard to get in the workout frame of mind let alone find the energy. 

And lately I've been battling dizziness big time.  Working at the computer and even watching tv can really bring it on.  So it feels like it has something to do with visual perception or something?  Who knows....

Well it's Monday, what more can I say.   Listening to Christmas music and drinking raspberry herbal tea to keep warm.  Preparing to spend my day searching for new job postings, sending out resumes, and following up on last weeks.  Fun stuff.  And I might throw in a home pedicure/manicure too. (gotta look good in case the last minute interview pops up)

Maybe I will just start standing outside companies with a big sign that says "hire me".  Could you imagine how funny that would be?  Honestly I'd do it because I'm tired of my resume being 1 out of 650 that were recieved for one job posting.   Gotta stand out somehow right? haha 

Todays calendar quote is "Try to avoid looking forward or backward, and try to keep looking upward."   I like it and I think that is a great way to look at this Monday!


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