Thursday, December 9, 2010

Making A Difference

We must not, in trying
to think about how we can make
a big difference,
ignore the small daily differences
we can make
which, over time, add up to
big differences
that we often cannot forsee.

Sometimes I think we fall victim to thinking if we aren't doing something big, don't hold some important title, didn't go to some fancy school, don't have lots of money, or whatever else that we aren't making a difference.

Which is really furthest from the truth.

Truth be told....each of us makes a difference every day.  Every word, action, decision, choice, etc., that we make, impacts not only us but those around us. For example, small gestures such as saying I love you, or something as simple as holding a door can profoundly influence others and make a big difference. 

We don't need money, power, prestigious jobs, schools, etc., to make a difference in life.  That isn't what it's all about.  Sure it would be nice to be able to donate a million dollars to a charity or other cause.  But what matters just as much is helping our world in any way we can. 

We should each make an attempt to start by trying to live a virtuous life.  It is amazing the difference it can have on others.  Be the best person you can be.  Help others.  Be polite. Show compassion.  Drive less aggressive. Stop texting/talking on phones interact with real life.  Plant a flower/tree.  Recycle. Help an elderly neighbor.  Stop swearing.  Say no to drugs. Believe in love. Be affectionate.  Have faith in others. Spend time with family.  Be honest. Eat healthy.  Don't judge.  Buy less. Think before one speaks. Stand up for what is right. Show gratitude.  Compliment people.  Forgive.

Those are only mere suggestions think of all the other possibilities that exist.. Making a difference in life is what matters, not the size of the difference.  We all make a difference, we just aren't always aware of how.


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