Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Eve

So our big Christmas Eve family dinner has been handed to me this year.  I'm excited because I like entertaining but rarely get the chance, so hosting sounded like fun to me.  ; )   Christmas Eve in our family has always been when everyone gets together, cooks big dinner, exchanges gifts, and as a kid it always seemed even more exciting then Christmas Day.

Although, I will miss being at my family's house because they have such beautiful trees each year.  My family is actually in the process of major renovations to their kitchen, they have combined their dining room and kitchen into one big gourmet kitchen.  So it won't be officially down for another week.  Which I can't wait to see because they chose a very cottage/french country style.  And I love the little preview I got to see. Not to mention this is something they have wanted for a long time. 

Anyway, the menu so far consists of all Italian foods.  Which is funny considering my heritage is mostly Irish/Russian. haha  There is lasagna, baked ziti, caesar salad, and garlic bread.  Dessert is going to be homemade vanilla poundcake and gingerbread cake.  My father is also bringing walnut, carmel apple pies. And going to put out a few snacks beforehand like crackers/cheese and maybe even some candy.

Usually every Christmas Eve I have tried to come up with a creative dessert.  One year I made these frozen ice cream desserts that looked like snowballs...they were so good.  Imagine a scoop of ice cream covered in vanilla icing and then frozen.  I'd love to make them again but it takes freezer space that I just don't have at the moment.  So I'm just going with homemade cakes instead.

Most important to me is that my niece is happy because Christmas is such a magical time for kids.  So I bought extra Christmas candy and have put up a few more decorations just for her.  And of course Santa is dropping off presents for her as well.  I want to make sure she feels Christmas all around her when she arrives.

Got a lot of cooking ahead of me! 

And when I think of the holidays I'm always curious as to what others traditions are.  How they spend the holidays?  What kind of food is on their menu?  Where do they go?  What do others gift exchanging and giving involve?  I like to hear and learn about others traditions.

So if anyone is reading and feels like sharing I would love to hear your holiday traditions!

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  1. We're still fine tuning our holiday "traditions" as they seem to change each year. Your decorations are lovely! Merry, Merry! : )


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