Thursday, November 18, 2010

Vertigo Mystery

Vertigo....such an out of control feeling.   A mystery of some sorts.

Yesterday in the middle of doing computer work I experienced it.  Now this isn't something new as I have been known to experience it before,  more so in the past than recently.  But from time to time I still get the wretched feeling. 

It is a horrible sensation.  And it can come completely out of the blue at times too ,which is really scary!  

The definition of vertigo is as follows:  1. a sensation described as dizziness. n  2. a sensation of the room revolving about the patient or the patient revolving in space. It is a form of dizziness.  Feeling that one is spinning or that one's surroundings are spinning around one, causing confusion and difficulty keeping one's balance, sometimes accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

Yup that is pretty much what it feels like.  Imagine being on a merry go round, spinning really, really fast and not being able to get off.  Hard to put into words for those who have never experienced it.   One can't do anything when it happens.  Driving is impossible, and walking becomes more like crawling. 

What is crazy is doctors don't have a real cure for most cases.  Often times they can't even tell you why it happens in the first place.  There are a few medicines out there, Bendryl types, but they don't work all that well.  I visited all kinds of sepcialist about it many years ago...ear specialists, neurologists, etc..

Oh they have seen it first hand too, but no one could make a real diagnosis as to the cause.  Like most other conditions there are a host of reasons that can cause or bring it on.  I can't even lay on my left side because it brings the sensation on....which left the ear specialist puzzled.  And doing too much work on the computer can also produce the sensation at times.  Of course so can stress.  I gave up drinking because one drink would even bring it on.  And so it is, another mystery of life.

I know others both men and women who experienc it as well, and have pretty much been told the same thing.  More women seem to experience it than men which at times makes me prone to believe it has something to possibly do with our hormones?  Anythings possible.

If you have experienced it you know what I mean, and if you haven't well count your lucky stars.  I have to admit experiencing it really makes you appreciate the days you don't.

Seriously, how often do we take for granted the days we feel good?  We don't even stop to think about it most days right.  We bitch and moan about all that other things in our life that might not be perfect, but we never stop to think that if we feel good....well then we are perfect and wealthy in a sense we truly cannot comprehend.

So life will continue to hand us medical mysteries such as vertigo, that is life.  Not everything can be explained, cured, or treated.  Maybe one day it all will be but for now we somehow have to learn to deal with the ones that can't.....and in the case of vertigo one just prays they can find a safe place in the middle of an episode, that one is surrounded by understanding people, and pray that it will pass quickly.  Although, given all the technology in the world I sure wish they would find a real solution for it.

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