Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Musings

Usually I write my Monday musings at the start of the day, but today has been so hectic this is the first I've had a chance.  

Spent my morning at yet another recruiter who informed me they don't have anything at the moment but hopefully in the near future.  I don't understand why they bring people in, only to inform us of that.  And honestly the recruiters haven't had many jobs for over a year now, that is the general concensus from all I have spoke with who are in the same boat.  And there were so many people at this office waiting.  One man said he has been laid of twice in four years.  Yikes!

So after that depressing start, I decided to browse a store or two just to put my mind at ease and try to create happier thoughts.  That and I was trying to find us a comforter deal.  Shopping without buying even something little is tough, especially during the holidays when everything seems to glitter and sparkle. 

Big news....after two plus years of waiting, we finally got a new mattress!   And because we went with memory foam the king fit up the cottage's small, narrow bedroom steps.  It is amazing that it fit. 

But of course my man had me do all the research, and then didn't listen to any of it. ; )  In fact, I'm even the one who bargained with the sales lady and completed the deal.  She explained more than once how the bed had to sit for at least 24 hours to air out.  And even ideally 2-3 days is really good for foam to air out and expand fully. It also lets any chemical gases escape. (foam mattresses come compressed in a vacuum type of seal for those who have not experienced it, hence why they give that advice) 

So I assumed we would sleep on the couch for a night. (yeah, yeah what can I say I like to follow by the book) haha   But he barely made a few hours before he decided he was going to bed on it tonight even though it wasn't fully expanded.  Which kinda of led into a stupid argument.  He wanted to know why I had it delivered at 6pm if it had to sit, ummm because I wanted both of us to be home in case they had a problem fitting it up or moving the old one downstairs. (Which to him makes no sense.)  He doesn't grasp how sometimes its nice to have a man around when a bunch of delivery men are in the house.

But it really got me thinking.  In all honesty, it didn't matter because I was the one who talked and dealt with them. (he didn't think they spoke english)  Here is where he doesn't seem to grasp how much I do.  If anything needs to be done it is usually me who does it.  I am the one who communicates with landlords, deals with sales people, researches whatever we need, household chores, helps keep his finances in balance, plans dates, does the outdoor work, you name it. 

Yet I'm the same one whose advice or whatever is often disregarded, who is given flack when I don't deserve it, and whose hard work is often times not appreciated nor respected.  Yeahhhhh that's right I'm venting. haha

He feels he does much harder mental work when he goes to work. (and maybe he does)  But I guarantee if he had to prep and paint one room by himself, he would be feeling sick and weak by the time he was done.  He has felt that way after vacuming  the house.  Though physical and mental are different types of work and it is hard to compare the two.

Oh don't mind me it's late and I'm venting.  Like I said this blog is a journal of sorts for me so I just express how I'm feeling at the moment which can change by tomorrow. haha   (and of course "my day" was cancelled)

I just think sometimes partners need to be more understanding and less judging.  Love is about understanding that the other person is just trying to help and follow the instructions they were given.  And instead of putting the other down and criticizing, do it yourself if you don't like the way the other does it.  And give affection freely and spontaneously.  Those are words to live by!  ; )

Okay. I'm going to go watch some Nightline now.  I like that Bill Weir is now on it.  He seems like such a pleasant guy.  And does some interesting news segments for ABC.  In fact, I enjoy a lot of ABC's reporters they just seem to have such interesting personalities and pleasant ways about them.  Anyone else watch Good Morning America?

Mondays are just so lovely.....

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