Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Musings

Mondays......last night we were discussing how the weekends seem to go so quickly.  And they really do.  Come on America four day work weeks would help to save so much money.  ; )

Anyway, yet again last night  I slept for maybe 2 hours, woke up at 2 am and could not get back to sleep.  Don't you hate that?  So there I was flipping around watching a little HGTV, little bit of a movie which turned out to be very touching if only I had looked at the title, and eventually dozed off around 5 only to wake up at 7.  Surprisingly enough I haven't felt as tired as I thought today.

Ran around doing errands the first half of the day.  It is crazy how many stores one has to go to, to find what they are looking for some days. (or to find the price they are looking for too)   And as I was saying to my man it is amazing how much little errands end up costing.  I do believe women have more expenses then men too.

Heard from the job, you know the one I went on the interview with Friday.  So it is a no go, though I'm not surprised.  Given the questions, or should I say the questions that were trying to get more personal answers then are really allowed to be ask during an interview, I got the distinct impression they were looking to hire someone a tad older, who gets medical benefits through their spouse. (seriously you would get a good laugh at some of the questions I was asked)  Oh well, the search continues.

Our weekend flew by as we had a Sixers game Friday night (free tickets courtesy of my mans work), followed by a delicious Pat's steak (a must if ever you are in Philly), Villanova basketball game Saturday night, and food shopping Sunday.  Not to mention I spent all day Saturday cleaning and hanging outdoor Christmas lights.  I really need to find a new product to clean the shower with.  One that doesn't smell, isn't harmful to breathe in, disinfects against many germs, and is easy to use.  Do they even exist?

Our Christmas lights are wrapped in this evergreen looking garland.  Well it has been around for a few years and the garland is starting to fall off. (it gave me a good laugh because I kept thinking of the movie Griswald Christmas)  So just have to replace a few areas of the garland and then it will be good to go. 

I normally wait to after Thanksgiving but last year I did that and the weather turned so cold it was hard to hang the lights.  So since Saturday was in the low 60's here I thought might as well take advantage of it.  To be honest I still feel very in the Fall mode. 

After errands today gave myself a pedicure.  Dinners in the slow cooker.  Football game tonight as my mans team is the Broncos.  And since Tebow is now on the team I enjoy watching them even more. (if only he would get more playing time) haha   Anyway....that's the story this Monday. 

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  1. If you find a cleaner like that, let me know!


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