Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Musings

Is it really Monday already?  Honestly all the days feel like the same lately, the whole month of October feels like a blurr.  And really cannot believe it is November already.  Although it feels it as the weather in Philadelphia went from gorgeous highs of 70's to low 50's.  The nights are already dipping into the 30's. Yikes!

Thought for sure I would have a job by now.  And now deep down I'm starting to panic a little.  Oh I've heard all the stories from those unemployed but I guess I just didn't think it would be as hard as they said. Yeah it's definitely not a picnic. And seems different from city to city.  Praying that something great comes along soon! (this morning I applied with yet another temp firm but even they don't have many jobs) 

As for the new place, done a lot of work this month, and it is finally starting to feel more like a home.  Moving is always an adjustment of some sorts,  not only because of the change but because you have to make a house feel like a home by putting your personal touches on it.  And that is what I have been working hard to do, which would be so much  easier without such a real limited budget.  By the way, does anyone know of a great place to pick up small, inexpensive storage type baskets?

Oh and all that last minute packing my man did has really come back to bite him.  He can't seem to find anything, and loves to point the finger at me.  But I'm quick to add, that had he just took the time and packed/unpacked in advance things might be more organized.  My theory is you can't point the finger at anyone else unless you make a conscious effort yourself. 

On another note, the cold is still lingering....with an annoying cough for over a week now.   For about 5 days I got only 2 hrs of sleep every night.  So now I finally starting to feel the affects of that and feeling real tired.  Hoping it clears up soon.  I have found that Vicks works better then cough syrup. Weird huh?

Between the cold and Halloween yesterday I was completely distracted and forgot to set my fantasy football team and got crushed because 5 of my players had a bye. That hurts because my team was in 3rd place, doing pretty good, and I needed the win.  Would have beat the team I was matched up against had I put in my other players. Oh well.

And one more thing....this Fall I feel like I have missed the whole Fall festivities.  I had a plan to go hiking in the fall foliage, to go pumpkin picking, and to take the doggie for a stroll in scenic parts of Pennsylvania but things have just been so hectic they seemed to have taken a back seat this season.  Hoping maybe this weekend we might be able to plan a little something before all the beautiful foliage is gone. (that is if I can convince the man to get off the couch for a few hours) haha  With everything that has been going on we haven't had a real date night in awhile now. And think every couple needs date nights.  ; )

Anyway, those are my musings for this Monday. 

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