Friday, November 12, 2010

Decorating Ideas

I've been completely absent from writing this week, not that I haven't had a lot to write about but just been in one of those moods where I haven't felt like taking the time to sit and organize my thoughts.

The whole cold thing really set me back, in fact I'm still playing catch up with sleep. It is amazing how antibiotics can help but can also leave other parts of your body in a state of disarray.  The antibiotics led to a host of other symptoms that seemed to sideline me more. Anyway....

Finally got a chance to paint the bedroom. Painting a sloped cottage, type bedroom is not an easy task. After much thought I decided to go with a neutral shade titled toast. Why is it on the paint cards the color always looks darker? After two coats of paint it still looks very pastel, instead of the rich toast I imagined. haha 

Toyed with painting the room a country blue, sage or even lavender but with the sloped ceilings I thought it might be too overwhelming. Even though I left the ceiling white I just thought that maybe too dark of a shade would make it feel closed in. I've done a lot of research and everything said it is better to go with lighter, airy shades for such rooms.

Our bedroom furniture is white, so the toast color still isn't dark enough to give it the contrast I want. Hence, I'm going to have to add contrast by adding some color through photo frames, art, and what not. Honestly, the sloped ceilings and whole layout make it hard.  We had to give up our armoire and bureau drawers because they would not fit up the tiny, curved stairway that is boxed in by walls.

Still waiting on the man for our bed.  So cannot completely set up the room because I'm not sure if we will be using our brown comforter or buying one of those complete bed in a bag assembles.  Not quite sure what color scheme to go with in this room, especially since the color on the walls is a little off from the toasty brown shade I was expecting.

Do you ever feel like you have all these ideas of how you want it too look but no idea where to find the very objects you imagine? I need a store with cottage and/or country type items. Does anyone happen to know where I might find such a place, that would have inexpensive items too?  ; )

Well gotta long day ahead of me so that's all for now.  I have included a photo of the newly painted bedroom. There is still much more work to be done.  Honestly, I would welcome others opinions of how to decorate and set up this space. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions please feel free to share. Thanks!
{lots of space but very hard to decorate given odd shape}

{stairs won't allow for any big furniture items but this just feels too plain, I'm used to bureau with mirrors over them but with sloped ceiling that won't work either}

{thought color was going to be a more toasty brown but here is the actual shade, any ideas what to compliment this color with}

{That is a queen size to give you an idea of how much room we have to work with, and our new bed will be raised much higher.  Most likely even with the night stands.}

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  1. What a fun room... I think the shape makes it exciting!!

    Happy weekend!


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