Thursday, November 4, 2010

Colds, remedies, and

Over the past few years, I have been rather lucky avoiding just about all colds and other viruses.   Fast forward to now and I feel like my body is making up for it all.   Honestly 3 colds in 9 months?! 

Seriously, I have had this lingering cold for over 11 days now. (this is the worst of the 3 so far) Nagging cough, sore throat, sore ears, little stuffy, and basically just all over aches.  I'm not one for taking medicine, but I actually gave in and took cough syrup and acetaminophen so that tells you how bad I felt.  Oh and used Vicks rub which actually worked better than the cough syrup.  Last week I literally got no sleep, at least I'm getting more sleep this week.

Anyway, went to the dr on Tuesday who said it might have been just a cold last week, but this week she felt it was more of an infection so she wanted me to take antibiotics.  And rest.

Antibiotics?  Noooooo.....I mean you really have no idea how much I hate having to take anything.  I have an ridiculously sensitive body that seems to react to everything.  And sure enough the Amoxicillin she prescribed has upset my stomach. (definitely won't go into detail but let's just say it's not good) ha  So now on top of the cold symptoms my poor stomach is being hit.  Ugh.

Rest is tough too.  I'm a doer by nature so after a hour of lounging on the couch I get restless.  And start looking for things to do.  I have browsed On Demand looking for new movies but haven't found anything that seemed all that interesting.  (if only they offered the Twilight movies....I have yet to see New Moon or Eclipse, those might be able to hold my attention) haha

Enough is enough, I want to feel better.  As this is starting to make me feel cranky. haha 

I understand where and whom I caught them from, but still in years past I had been around others who were sick, and somehow my immune system was stronger.  I used to think when I was younger that as adults one became immune to such stuff but that doesn't seem to be the case.  My poor sister and her husband seem to come down with whatever my niece brings home. 

Which brings me to the present.  I'm wondering how I can boost my immune system, get it back to it's old self again.  Maybe I should be taking vitamins again, hence I would need to find myself an all natural chewable or something.  I'm guessing the shear fact that I let myself get so run down, and had been experiencing a lot of stress is probably what helped bring all this on. 

My personal feeling is the best remedy would be to sit on a beautiful beach in the Caribbean for a week.  Soaking up the sun, enjoying the warm ocean waters, and just basking in simple relaxation.  Since that isn't going to happen I need to find good remedies here.

So, if you happen to be reading this and you know of any good remedies, or have any suggestions please leave a comment or email me.  How do you protect yourself from getting sick? And if you do get sick what have you found helps you feel better the most?

Heading to make yet another bowl of soup and crackers.  Followed by yogurt.  Yummy. 

Wishful dreaming......

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  1. Oh no, I hope you feel better soon!

    And when I'm sick, as weird as it sounds, I really love buttered toast. Something about the salty/crunchiness of it is amazing when I feel awful.


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