Sunday, October 17, 2010


As a kid I remember the white fluffy parts of a Dandelion, you know....the part that emerged after the yellow flower had already bloomed.  We were always told to "make a wish and blow."  And I remember wondering if it was possible the wishes might actually come true.  You know how everything seems magically when your a little kid.

Well today, I found one of those flowers, and at a time when I really need to believe wishes come true.  And at this moment I wish for....

1. A job I love. One that pays well with good benefits and hours, nice coworkers, and close by. Or to start a business of my own.
2. Angel allergies, little twitches, and sight to be healed.
3. To have more dates and/or time with my man that involve laughing, having fun,being happy with no distractions (tv,cell,laptop) or worrying about time.
4. A new bed. (our frame broke and our mattress laying on the floor isn't cutting it)
5. Lots of hugs, kisses, and snuggling just because.
6. Help in setting up our new house and making it feel like a home.
7. Good conversation.. Lots of laughs.
8. Happiness.  Less loneliness.
9. To just be loved for who I am.
10. Win the lottery for over 20 million dollars.
11. My man to be healed of all his pain and not feeling well. (tooth, back, neck, and all else that ails him)  And for him to have more patience and understanding.
12. For a world full of more honesty, loyalty, kindness, compassion and love.

And there are a few wishes I kept to myself.  Can't share them all on here.  ; )

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