Thursday, October 7, 2010

Settling In

We are officially moved in to the new house, thanks to my family. They out did themselves.  In fact, I didn't realize how much stuff we had collected the past few years and honestly next time will hire movers because I felt bad at how much work was involved.  All I can say is my sister, brother in law, mother, and father are wonderful! No AMAZING!

I spent a lot of time cleaning, packing and going through stuff before the move.  And now it is much of the same at the new house.  For the past week I've been working real hard.  Cleaned all the rooms (even scrubbed the walls), mopped all floors, unpacked everything, organized each room, went shopping for hardware, gave Angel a bath, moved furniture,etc.

My man on the other hand tended to wait last minute for many items, especially the basement stuff that needed to be wiped down (I ended up doing most of it).  So I've basically done all the cleaning, unpacking, and setting up at the new house myself.  Trying to carry everything down the basement took a while. haha

In fact, Sunday I did so much I ended up with vertigo and felt horrible by the end of the day.  (guess waking up at 6:30 and working straight through to 3 was too much for my little frame)  Then again lifting anything at 102 lbs feels heavy. lol

Sometimes I don't understand my man, how he can watch me do what I am and not want to jump in to help.(instead of me having to ask)  Or not want to unpack his things rather them leave his clothes laying on the floor.  And Sunday while I was trying to unpack stuff, he was on the couch working on his website and watching football. Men. haha (I finally took a break to eat something and watch some football but by then I felt too dizzy to enjoy it)  Oh did I mention a bag full of his paperwork is still sitting on the patio half ripped and he walks right past it everyday.

My feeling is procrastinating only makes one feel worse because they think of all they have to do, instead of just jumping in and doing it. Know what I mean? Sometimes the best remedy is to just roll up the sleeves and do the work.  Why not unpack and get settled as soon as possible so we can relax, and not have to look at boxes sitting everywhere, and living not knowing where anything is.

My family has gone out of  their way to help.  My dad kindly helped patch some walls, helped install a new toilet seat, and did some other handy man kind of stuff.  I guess I really do  take after both my parents because when something needs to be done, they do it and quickly. Guess that is where I learned it from.

Anyway, we are settling in to the new house.  Back to work I go.  I think it's time I get my own tool belt because I've learned how to do a lot over the past few weeks!  ; )

Once again  thanks to my family.  Your help meant the world to me. You have no idea how grateful I am to have you as my family.  I love you.  Thanks!

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