Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Musings

Monday is here again.  And usually I complain that the weekend is over but not today.  Today I'm almost glad it is.  I know, very rare you will ever hear m say such a thing. haha   But the past few weekends have felt somewhat boring and slightly stressful.  It seems like it is since the whole moving process started it's weird.

Kind of hard to explain but I've been working on trying to rearrange, set up and decorate the house.  Usually the man has a definite ideas/opinions on what he wants it to look like.  At least he did in our last place but this time round he just isn't saying or doing much.  In fact, I've unpacked and moved just about all his stuff.  And yesterday when I asked his opinion about paint he just kind of glanced at the swatches and didn't have an opinion.  I think maybe the move was harder than we both might have anticipated.  It is hard leaving a place we called home for almost 3 years.

Anyway, the past two weekends have basically consisted of him working on his website, texting, and watching football both sat/sun.  Except for the hour on each Sunday I dragged him out to help pick out stuff for the new house. (and both were hurried errands at best)  I say hurried because in the past we would leisurely browse places like Target looking for cool things to add to our place, it was always fun. 

Now it's more like a watch the time, the cell phone, let's get what we need and get out experience.

I'm beginning to think men text more than women.  His male friends seems to be texting fiends. Seriously, men put your phones to, spend time with, do whatever with your wives, girlfriends, kids, family.  These men text more than any women I know.  Does no one have anything better to do?  (And why is it okay for the guys to barrage one another with texts but if I were to ever do that he would get annoyed.)  I'm ready to hand my cell # out on here and tell everyone to start texting me day and night.  Okay not really, as that would cost too much. hahahahaha

Hence why I could do without cell phones, internet,etc, because they just seem to be distractions that always seem to interrupt everything.  Concentrate on those actually in the room, or for those whom have made an effort to spend time with you.

Don't get me phone I use my phone, I love to talk to people and I enjoy texting.  But I never feel the need to do it when I'm out with others.  I'd rather enjoy the moment, the company I'm with, and leave the phone for when I'm bored and sitting at home.  Even when I'm home if I'm watching a game or movie I don't need to text every detail. Which brings me to.....I finally picked a phone the EnV Touch. Went with a pre owned one since I'm due for a new one anyway on my plan next year. Hopefully it works okay. just feels like the past few weekends have been lacking of fun,laughs, or relaxation.  Instead I felt rather stressed. Maybe that explains why I am having all these crazy vivid dreams lately of tropical places and embracing, loving gestures.  I guess if I were to be honest I just feel rather alone lately.  Hard to explain but I'm just craving a night looking at the stars or a hike/picnic in the fall foliage engaged in good conversation with no distractions.  Know what I mean?


I think we just need to complete what needs to be done on this new house so we can relax. There are still things we need like a shelf for the tv, a new bed, etc.. Today I plan on painting the main room.  After I got the color home it looked lighter than it did in the store, so I'm anxiously awaiting to see how it will look on the walls.  Trying to psych myself up this morning to start actually, as I know once I start there is no turning back and it is going to take me a few hours at least. haha

Anyway, those are my musings for this Monday.  Hope anyone that might be reading this morning had a great weekend.  And for those wishing it wasn't Monday just remember only four more days until the weekend.  ; )


  1. We have Blackberrys so every effin email my coaching husband gets, *pings!* on his stupid phone! And he HAS to answer every email at the exact moment that it *pings!* And I won't even get started on texting. I completely agree--men text way more than we do!

    Thanks for reading and following my insanity! :)

  2. I hear you ... hubs has an iphone and I feel like if he's not texting or emailing he's looking at some sports app or scores to games. Sometimes I wish the phone would break... but then I wouldn't be able to call him when I need him :) He is usually pretty good about when we are out shopping but every now and then when were at a restaurant waiting for food he'll do it! I'm like put it awaaaaay!


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