Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Musings

Yes I'm up early this Monday morning.  Finally got 8 hrs of sleep, which is something I seriously haven't had in months.  It feels so good.  Well that and I had a sweet dream.

The dream was filled with sun,sand, beautiful waves and romance.  Ahhhh....gotta love dreams like that.  Do you ever dream dreams that seem so real, ones in which the feeling is so intense, that it is almost hard to distinguish it from reality?  

Sometimes I experience those type dreams.  And it really is an amazing feeling. 

In the dream I was standing by the ocean, feeling that all incompassing feeling of someone loving me.  You know what I mean?  Where they wrap their arms around you, and you know they adore and love you so much that everything in life seems perfect?  It was a dream right from Hollywood romance movies. haha   And it didn't involve anything but an incredible embrace, or sense of being held and completely loved.

I've always been a beach girl, and miss living by the beach/ocean.  And it seems to appear pretty frequently in my dreams.  When I do have those beach dreams it always makes me feel happy.

Anyway back to reality on this Moday morning....I dropped my phone in the bathtub yesterday and it won't charge.  Well given I don't have the finances to buy a new phone at the moment not sure what I am going to do.   I am locked into contract with Verizon, and my new phone every two years isn't due until 2011.  So, I'm definitely in a bit of a quandry. 

Other than that I pretty much had a low key, rather boring weekend. haha   Still working on setting up the house. And still a lot to be organized.  I did cook a turkey which came out delicious!  Homemade mashed potatoes with honey glazed carrots.  Gosh I must be getting old because that felt like the highlight of my weekend. ; ) 

Penn State lost to Illinois, but the Falcons won.  Way to go Matty Ryan.  And when are the Broncos going to let Tim Tebow play?  Orton isn't overly impressive, so I think they could give Tebow some playing time.  Like I said before it's hard to follow one team in this day and age.  The way they get traded and moved around.  Plus, there are just some athletes I'm more fond of over others.

The man basically was glued to his laptop, cell phone, and tv all weekend watching games.  I dragged him out for a hour on Saturday to accompany me to Walmart and he pretty much wanted to hurry through, complaining about having to be there in the first place.  Lately he just hasn't seemed like he has wanted to do much, but then again he hasn't been feeling all that well either.  Now that it's Fall I thought maybe we could go pick pumpkins or go on a drive/hike to take in the Fall Foilage.   Both our baseball teams are heading to the playoffs so I'm sure that is weighing more on his mind than anything else. (maybe we could go see a game together without any distractions)

Back to my dream.  Why is it we dream what we do? What are dreams?  Do you think dreams are just our subconscious working things out while we sleep, or are dreams way of guiding us in life?  And further more do you think that dreams can actually be insight or predictions into life?

This Monday I have a full agenda ahead of me.  And I guess first on that list would be to find a phone.  My sister thought she may have an old phone I can use, but she has to find the charger for it.  Let's hope.  But most importantly, I can't wait to spend the day outdoors with my niece!  She makes any day brighter and happier!

Hope everyone reading this morning had a good weekend.  And if you get a chance share your thoughts on dreams.....


These photos remind me of the feeling the dream evoked.

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