Friday, October 29, 2010

Chance Meetings

Today I had to drive down town to take my man to have 4 of his teeth removed because he would not be awake for the procedure someone had to be there.  (if you have read a few of my previous blogs he has pretty much been in serious pain with these teeth for a long time)  We are talking to the point he goes through a few tubes of oral gel, and bottles of listerine like they are candy. Both helped numbed the areas while he was waiting.

Anyway, while I'm waiting in comes this guy who is there to wait for his girlfriend.  I happened to be working on a book of puzzles.  But I overheard his conversation with the receptionist and wow did he have a pleasant personality.  The kind of personality that engages people in real conversation.  Know what I mean?

So I finished up what I was working, and decided to ask him what his girlfriend was having done.  Well that turned into a very enlightening conversation.  This guy was smart, in a very down to earth, philosophical way. And so positive that I was drawn to listen to what he had to say.

He was talking about how you get out of life what you expect.  And that how many times, our beliefs and thoughts can influence what happens in our life.  How to be successful in life we must have passion for whatever it may be.  How we must have a positive attitude and work hard no matter it may be. He brought up Tony Robbins (who I haven't read in quite some time) and just had this fantastic outlook on life. Hard to put into words really.

It is amazing how chance meetings happen.  For instance today I needed to be reminded of the message he had to give.  I feel so often lately I stray from those theories I once held so strong.  And I know I need to focus on that again.  I keep saying it....but something always seems to take precedence.

I'm glad I came upon this enlightenment today.  There is always something to be learned if we just take a moment out of our hectic lives, stressful days, to listen, to be in the moment, to take in what is around us.  To appreciate the good in others.

Why I would love to delve deeper on this post I have a man that is feeling rotten at the moment.  So I have to go take care of him.  Not to mention this cold of mine is still lingering. Ahhhhh.....

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