Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cell Phones

Wow.  I cannot get over the costs of cell phones without any discount.  What amazes me is all the commericals, promises, and schmoozig cell phone providers do to get people to become customers.  But then when you are a customer how little can really be done to help you if something does happen to your phone.

Yeah, yeah I know.  Your thinking well be more careful with your phone.  And your right but at the same time how is it these cell phone providers get away with all their astronomical charges.  When I bought my DARE a few years ago data packages were optional, now they are required?  It just seems like every time I get a new phone, the list of new charges seems to increase.

And not only that but I've been a loyal customer of Verizon for years now.  My whole family is.  So you think they could offer me some discount on a new phone.  I tried to buy a refurbished one but they don't have any in stock.  And so I decided to try another cheap phone but yet again not in stock, and they believe it is discontinued.  Ahhhhhhhhhhh.......

The joys of cell phones.  We can't seem to live without them but we can't seem to live with them either.  I'm up for my two yr discount next year.  And in all honesty I don't really need a fancy phone, but I think society makes me feel like I do.  Kinda of like that whole "keep up with the Jones" mentality. Sometimes you kind of feel like you are missing out when everyone is displaying fancy, high tech phones and you whip out an old school looking flip phone.  Know what I mean?  (then again who cares right)   : )

Problem is my last phone was high tech.  I loved my DARE.  Mainly because it took great photos, and the reception was excellent.  Never had a problem hearing or understanding people, and vice versa.  And it just had some really cool features to it.  My man has the Blackberry and whenever he calls me on it, it is very hard to understand him.  That and I find the keyboards rather small and hard to navigate. Yet everyone seems to have that or the I Phone. 

Must admit I fell in love with the Samsung Fascinate.  Lovely phone but it is way too expensive.

Anyway, I'm in quite the dilemma...what phone, what phone?   It's not like I'm a huge phone user anyway, but we don't even have a home phone so I am kind of pressed to get another cell phone right away.  I'm leaning toward the Samsung Reality.  Anyone have experience with it?

This is my old phone which I like a lot.

The new phone I'm thinking of getting.

The phone I wish I could get.

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  1. I had Verizon for a long time but was never happy with it at all. Every phone I ever got was a piece of junk. My Black Berry Pearl crapped out on me twice and they had to give me a new phone because it was all hardware problems. The ball broke several times and it was just a hassle. I had a razor that eventually I could no longer check my voicemail anymore for some odd reason. So eventually I switched to AT & AT. My fiance is all about the roll over minutes. I just wanted a phone I can use to text on. I like the touch screen but am afraid I would break it or it would stop working and I no longer would be able to use my phone. So I got a Samsung SGH A797. Its an okay phone. I had to get used to the key pad because the buttons are really small. It is part touch as well which I like. So far no problems except every now and then I lose reception in my Condo. Hope the phone search goes well for you. If I could I would get rid of my cellphone but we don't have a house phone either.


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