Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thoughts About Our Bed

So if you read my blog on a regular basis you know over two years ago my man and I made a deal.  I'd buy us a new couch and then he would be responsible for buying us a new bed.  Well I bought the couch, and a kitchen table. Using my tax refund and a bonus at work I had been given. 

Keep in mind, there were lots of things I'd have rather bought with my hard earned money, but wanted to get something that would be relaxing/comfortable to come home to relax into every night for the both of us. (our couch at the time had developed a huge whole) 

Anyway,  fast forward two years later and we still have no bed.  Now my man has horrible back and neck problems so he really needs a new bed.  One that offers more support.  And in the past two years he has won money, gotten tax refunds, etc, he talked about buying us a bed but still no bed has ever been actually purchased.  And that money....well it was spent on other things. 

So this morning as I sit here typing feeling a lot of hip pain, and overall soreness.  I'm telling you it makes a huge difference what you sleep on.  I'm really hoping he will understand how much we need a new bed.  And how we need a complete set.... box spring and decent frame. haha  We aren't in college anymore. We need a real bed.  ; )

On a sidenote: About two years before moving in with him, I had actually bought a new bed that I loved.  No I adored it.  The frame sat way above the floor, it felt so good on the body.  Well unfortunately not thinking at time I only bought a full and the full is not big enough for both of us to comfortably sleep. (that is what he says, it din't really bother me when we tried it) I have this really nice bed sitting at my family's house at the moment. (with furniture to match) And I miss it!

So here is what our old IKEA bed looked like before it slowly collasped. (it was nice but lacked support without a boxspring under it)

Here is what our current bed situation looks like.  One old mattress (my man bought it off an old man years before I came into picture), no box spring, and it is a little hard to tell but it is laying on the floor.  That big cushy blanket does it justice in the picture. haha   Maybe it is me but I don't like knowing my mattress is laying on the floor. haha  (especially given the carpet is not exactly new)  

Here is an idea of the bed I wish and hope we get soon.   Something with an actual boxspring, that provides nice support and is off the ground. 

So there is my little bed tale for the day. 

Btw, the room I spent my day painting on Monday came out better than I imagined.  The paint transformed the room.  And I will share it with you all when the furniture gets moved back and our photos get hung.  It is amazing what color and fresh paint can do for a room!

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