Tuesday, October 12, 2010

8 Questions

So as I sat down to write this morning, I noticed I have been tagged by Adorably Distracted!  So I decided it sounded like fun, which is something I need today.  And so what I was originally going to write about will have to wait until tomorrow.  Thanks for including me! 

How it works: I answer these 8 questions, then tag 8 bloggers to answer my own questions!

1. If someone was annoying you at work and has gotten to a point that's pushed you over the edge, would you cause a big fit and tell him like it is because everyone agrees and they deserve it, or do you keep your cool and ignore them?
At first I'd keep my cool, probably drop little hints.  If the hints didn't work then I'd probably have to tell him like it is.  Though since it is work I would not cause too big of a commotion....I'd just state the facts and make suggestions how to improve.  (it would probably be best to do it in a reverse psychology type of way)

2. What is your favorite time of year?
Summer.  Love the warm weather, beach, gardening, and all the flowers in bloom. (though I could do without the east coast humidity) haha

3. What is your favorite quote or lyric?
"We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly."

4. What is your favorite scene from a movie?
I love the seen in Meet Joe Black when Brad Pitt comes walking back over the bridge.  It just gives such a great feeling that true love can triumph over anything.  Although I could think of few other great ones as well.

5. What's your idea of the perfect date? And do not say april 12th, because all you need is a light jacket.
Perfect date, is sitting on the beach on a warm summer night, at sunset with a picnic dinner.  Sharing good conversation and just being together without any distractions. Assuming this is a date with a long time bf or husband it would be followed by some passionate kisses and tender love.  What can I say.... I'm a romantic.

6. Who is your favorite celebrity and why?
Tough question. Not sure because they all seem to fall from grace eventually. Do athletes count?  Rod Brindamour and Tim Tebow.  Both from what I know just seem to have their hearts and heads in the right places.  Hmmmm....I'm sure there might be someone else as well?  Not sure.

7. Do you believe in love at first sight? why?
I'd like to believe it exists, but I just can't help think that love only comes when you really know someone.  I just feel love is something that develops after the other person really opens up their life to you, really lets you see the good and bad.  To many people put up fronts in the beginning and that doesn't allow the true heart and soul to be revealed.  I've always believed true love happens when another soul can be completely themselves with another.  When nothing is hidden or kept from the other.  When anything and everything can be shared with another in a heart felt, soul endearing, deep way. 

8. How would you describe love?
Love is unconditional.  It is honesty, loyalty, faithfulness, truthfulness, kindness, compassionate,patience, non judging, being there through the good and bad, sharing, caring, openly communicating, tender kisses, passionate kisses, making love, snuggling, putting the other first, taking care of others, understanding, it's all that and so much more rolled up into one.  Love is the good in life.

Okay now I have to tag 8 bloggers to answer the questions below.....
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1. What makes you happy?

2. What is your dream job?

3. What are your five top pet peeves in life?

4. How would you describe love? (this was a good question so I had to copy it)

5. What is a typical day like for you?

6. If you could travel to any four countries, where would you choose to go?  And why?

7. What is the most romantic gesture you have ever experienced?

8. What are your favorite stores to shop?

Okay, hope you all have fun answering the questions!

I'm headed to look at new phones today.  Hoping that I can afford a new phone without any kind of discount.  Still cannot believe mine fell into the tub.  Any recommendations for a cheap phone?

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