Thursday, October 28, 2010

11 1/2 Inches Gone

It is official....I got 11 1/2 inches of hair taken off yesterday!

I pretty much have always seemed to have long, straight hair with bangs.  Except for maybe those two years in junior high when I thought it would be cool to cut my hair real short. (we are talking pixie short)  That took a while to grow out.  As did some of the perms I tried in the late 80's, early 90's. Hey, I was young and thought maybe having waves would be cool to try. And I tried a chin length bob too.  Once or twice I tried it without bangs but I just don't have the face shape to go without them.

Fact is though I love long hair. Somehow always seeming to gravitate back toward it.  Problem is the older I get the finer my hair seems to become, not to mention it seems to have a little wave now too. (weird how over time it can change like that)  So....I decided I wanted to see how long I could actually grow it.  And it grew pretty long.

In fact, just a month ago I got a few inches off because it was almost down to my waist.  I loved it but what I didn't love was all the knots and unmanageable hair I had to deal with each day.   You have no idea how much conditioner I would go through. Not to mention all the hair that seemed to be all over the house from it.  (just ask the man....I think it got to the point it was driving him crazy too)

The photos might look real fully but that is only because it was just washed and blow dried. After about a hour it would definitely become more limp.  The last time I had a real cut was over a year ago.  And even then I just had a little trimmed off and some low lights.  My man normally just trims the back for me. And I handle the bangs. haha

So after much thought and realization that my hair was just too fine to wear so long.  I decided to go for it.  I think even the stylist was hesitant to cut so much off thinking I would be upset, but honestly I handled it much better than I thought.  I knew it needed to be done, I was at that point where you see people getting makeovers on Oprah because their hair is just too long and has no style. Know what I mean?

Also had a few carmel highlights put in but they seemed to blend too much with my natural hair color, so maybe next time I will go for a little lighter of a highlight.  (I used to be blonde but decided to try my natural color for awhile) Right now though this feels short but it was nice waking up with no knots, no tangled mess, and it feels so light!

{before photos}

{after photos}

Oh and I'm not wearing any makeup either. (not that I really wear much to begin with but I usually like a little pink lip gloss and eyeliner. This week I have had a nasty cold and doing anything has taken a lot of effort. So my style this week has been very simple. In fact, I'm sorely lacking on sleep so I'm hoping to catch up soon.


  1. Your hair looks awesome! I am currently trying to grow mine out so I have tons of hair to style for my wedding. Not to mention the style I want needs a ton of hair. Mine is really curly and frizzy. My fiance hates the hair too, he complains none stop that my hair is in everything. "Your hair is every where woman! Stop trying to leave your mark on me, I'm already yours!" I believe he said those exact words yesterday to me as he pulled one of my curly locks off his shirt :)


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