Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!


Angel decided to try out the princess costume this year but thinks she would rather just be Toto since my niece is dressed as Dorothy.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Chance Meetings

Today I had to drive down town to take my man to have 4 of his teeth removed because he would not be awake for the procedure someone had to be there.  (if you have read a few of my previous blogs he has pretty much been in serious pain with these teeth for a long time)  We are talking to the point he goes through a few tubes of oral gel, and bottles of listerine like they are candy. Both helped numbed the areas while he was waiting.

Anyway, while I'm waiting in comes this guy who is there to wait for his girlfriend.  I happened to be working on a book of puzzles.  But I overheard his conversation with the receptionist and wow did he have a pleasant personality.  The kind of personality that engages people in real conversation.  Know what I mean?

So I finished up what I was working, and decided to ask him what his girlfriend was having done.  Well that turned into a very enlightening conversation.  This guy was smart, in a very down to earth, philosophical way. And so positive that I was drawn to listen to what he had to say.

He was talking about how you get out of life what you expect.  And that how many times, our beliefs and thoughts can influence what happens in our life.  How to be successful in life we must have passion for whatever it may be.  How we must have a positive attitude and work hard no matter it may be. He brought up Tony Robbins (who I haven't read in quite some time) and just had this fantastic outlook on life. Hard to put into words really.

It is amazing how chance meetings happen.  For instance today I needed to be reminded of the message he had to give.  I feel so often lately I stray from those theories I once held so strong.  And I know I need to focus on that again.  I keep saying it....but something always seems to take precedence.

I'm glad I came upon this enlightenment today.  There is always something to be learned if we just take a moment out of our hectic lives, stressful days, to listen, to be in the moment, to take in what is around us.  To appreciate the good in others.

Why I would love to delve deeper on this post I have a man that is feeling rotten at the moment.  So I have to go take care of him.  Not to mention this cold of mine is still lingering. Ahhhhh.....

Thursday, October 28, 2010

11 1/2 Inches Gone

It is official....I got 11 1/2 inches of hair taken off yesterday!

I pretty much have always seemed to have long, straight hair with bangs.  Except for maybe those two years in junior high when I thought it would be cool to cut my hair real short. (we are talking pixie short)  That took a while to grow out.  As did some of the perms I tried in the late 80's, early 90's. Hey, I was young and thought maybe having waves would be cool to try. And I tried a chin length bob too.  Once or twice I tried it without bangs but I just don't have the face shape to go without them.

Fact is though I love long hair. Somehow always seeming to gravitate back toward it.  Problem is the older I get the finer my hair seems to become, not to mention it seems to have a little wave now too. (weird how over time it can change like that)  So....I decided I wanted to see how long I could actually grow it.  And it grew pretty long.

In fact, just a month ago I got a few inches off because it was almost down to my waist.  I loved it but what I didn't love was all the knots and unmanageable hair I had to deal with each day.   You have no idea how much conditioner I would go through. Not to mention all the hair that seemed to be all over the house from it.  (just ask the man....I think it got to the point it was driving him crazy too)

The photos might look real fully but that is only because it was just washed and blow dried. After about a hour it would definitely become more limp.  The last time I had a real cut was over a year ago.  And even then I just had a little trimmed off and some low lights.  My man normally just trims the back for me. And I handle the bangs. haha

So after much thought and realization that my hair was just too fine to wear so long.  I decided to go for it.  I think even the stylist was hesitant to cut so much off thinking I would be upset, but honestly I handled it much better than I thought.  I knew it needed to be done, I was at that point where you see people getting makeovers on Oprah because their hair is just too long and has no style. Know what I mean?

Also had a few carmel highlights put in but they seemed to blend too much with my natural hair color, so maybe next time I will go for a little lighter of a highlight.  (I used to be blonde but decided to try my natural color for awhile) Right now though this feels short but it was nice waking up with no knots, no tangled mess, and it feels so light!

{before photos}

{after photos}

Oh and I'm not wearing any makeup either. (not that I really wear much to begin with but I usually like a little pink lip gloss and eyeliner. This week I have had a nasty cold and doing anything has taken a lot of effort. So my style this week has been very simple. In fact, I'm sorely lacking on sleep so I'm hoping to catch up soon.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Woof Wednesday

It's Woof Wednesday!  So let me introduce you to. Missy....her owner is moving and she needs to find a good, loving home. 

Female Westie located in New Jersey
3 yrs old, spayed, purebred, good with kids, dogs, cats.
Missy is looking for a new home as her owner is moving away. 

Contact this rescue group to adopt Missy the Westie ...

Rescue Group: Burlington County Animal Alliance
Pet ID #: 2901986
Contact: Lorraine Schrieber
Phone: Please email this shelter below!
(They don't list their phone number here)
- Let 'em know you saw "Missy the Westie" on
Address: Willingboro , NJ 08046

*If you want to be apart of "Woof Wednesdays" email Lauren at [] or leave a comment! We would Love to bring you on board!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Musings

What a Monday....slept for maybe two hours last night and realized this morning I have come down with what appears to be a chest cold at the moment.  Coughing non stop, sluggish and feverish.  Feeling just not good.

Probably picked it up at the family party that I mentioned we had over the weekend.  As my sister, brother in law, niece, and mother had all had this upper respiratory cold or whatever you want to call it.  Interesting because for over 2 years I had not really had so much as a cold, but now this will be my 3rd since January. Maybe it is time to start taking vitamins and drinking more orange juice! 

This morning I had to take my new phone to Verizon because it keeps shutting off.  In the middle of a call it just shuts down.  Or it rings but the phone doesn't light up nor let any keys be touched.  Verizon rep told me the EnV Touch have been known to do that, and usually require a software update.  He said if that doesn't work bring it back.  Sure dude just what I feel like doing....having to run my phone back to the store.  Had my last phone for over 3 years and never had to bring it back once.  This phone started acting up on day two.  Anyway....

Just getting myself to the Verizon store was tough. And that is unsual because I'm more like the energizer bunny. haha  All I feel like doing today is sleeping on the couch but this cough has another idea.  Anytime I remotely doze off it wakes me up.  Looks like it is time for some Robitussin. Or might anyone have a better suggestion for helping a cough?

That is my Monday in a nutshell.  Check out my posting from the weekend to see what fun we had!

For now I think I'm going to go cuddle on the couch with my little Angel.  Hope you all had a good Monday and just remember 4 days until the weekend!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkin Party

"The love of a family is life's greatest blessing.

"A man travels the world over in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it."

Yesterday we had a family party for my mom's birthday, but it also turned into a pumpkin carving party too.  It was my nieces first time decorating a pumpkin and she had lot of fun.  My sister, mother, man and myself also participated....we had equally as much fun.  We each carved our own pumpkins, and my mother and niece painted theirs.

Except for the Phillies losing it was a wonderful day. Any day spent with family is a good one, especially my niece.  She has a way of brightening everyones life.  Honestly, I think we all look at life a little differently with her around.  And we all get so excited anytime we know we are going to see her or get to spend time with her.

I know not everyone in this world has a family, or a good family, and yet the love of family is really one of the greatest wealths of the world.  Having a family where everyone loves, supports and is there unconditionally for each other is a true blessing.  So today as part of my post about family....I pray and wish for every child in our world to know what it means to be part of a family, to be safe, and to know the feeling of unconditional love and support.

Here is a peek into our world yesterday....

{me, sister, niece, man}

{mom, niece, sister}




{brother in law, sister}

{sister, me, man's pumpkins}

{sister, my pumpkins lit up}

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Woof Wednesday

Welcome to Woof Wednesday.....

As I mentioned before I've decided to feature dogs not only in my area but in surrounding states as well.  I know living here in Pennsylvania we are very close to so many other large cities and states.  So dog listings for other states usually come up as well.  You never know where your future dog is waiting.  So please take a moment. 

And if the dogs I feature are too far for you, there are plenty others that need homes as well.  Petfinder, your local SPCA, specific breed rescues, they all have an abudance of sweet dogs looking for loving homes.

Meet Mickey.  He is an adult male, westie who was surrendered to the SPCA because his owners could no longer take care of him.  He is a real sweetheart who loves to be with people. Please help him find a loving home.

Clearfield County SPCA
Philipsburg, PA
(814) 342-3810

*If you want to be apart of "Woof Wednesdays" email Lauren at [] or leave a comment! We would Love to bring you on board!

Thoughts About Our Bed

So if you read my blog on a regular basis you know over two years ago my man and I made a deal.  I'd buy us a new couch and then he would be responsible for buying us a new bed.  Well I bought the couch, and a kitchen table. Using my tax refund and a bonus at work I had been given. 

Keep in mind, there were lots of things I'd have rather bought with my hard earned money, but wanted to get something that would be relaxing/comfortable to come home to relax into every night for the both of us. (our couch at the time had developed a huge whole) 

Anyway,  fast forward two years later and we still have no bed.  Now my man has horrible back and neck problems so he really needs a new bed.  One that offers more support.  And in the past two years he has won money, gotten tax refunds, etc, he talked about buying us a bed but still no bed has ever been actually purchased.  And that money....well it was spent on other things. 

So this morning as I sit here typing feeling a lot of hip pain, and overall soreness.  I'm telling you it makes a huge difference what you sleep on.  I'm really hoping he will understand how much we need a new bed.  And how we need a complete set.... box spring and decent frame. haha  We aren't in college anymore. We need a real bed.  ; )

On a sidenote: About two years before moving in with him, I had actually bought a new bed that I loved.  No I adored it.  The frame sat way above the floor, it felt so good on the body.  Well unfortunately not thinking at time I only bought a full and the full is not big enough for both of us to comfortably sleep. (that is what he says, it din't really bother me when we tried it) I have this really nice bed sitting at my family's house at the moment. (with furniture to match) And I miss it!

So here is what our old IKEA bed looked like before it slowly collasped. (it was nice but lacked support without a boxspring under it)

Here is what our current bed situation looks like.  One old mattress (my man bought it off an old man years before I came into picture), no box spring, and it is a little hard to tell but it is laying on the floor.  That big cushy blanket does it justice in the picture. haha   Maybe it is me but I don't like knowing my mattress is laying on the floor. haha  (especially given the carpet is not exactly new)  

Here is an idea of the bed I wish and hope we get soon.   Something with an actual boxspring, that provides nice support and is off the ground. 

So there is my little bed tale for the day. 

Btw, the room I spent my day painting on Monday came out better than I imagined.  The paint transformed the room.  And I will share it with you all when the furniture gets moved back and our photos get hung.  It is amazing what color and fresh paint can do for a room!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Musings

Monday is here again.  And usually I complain that the weekend is over but not today.  Today I'm almost glad it is.  I know, very rare you will ever hear m say such a thing. haha   But the past few weekends have felt somewhat boring and slightly stressful.  It seems like it is since the whole moving process started it's weird.

Kind of hard to explain but I've been working on trying to rearrange, set up and decorate the house.  Usually the man has a definite ideas/opinions on what he wants it to look like.  At least he did in our last place but this time round he just isn't saying or doing much.  In fact, I've unpacked and moved just about all his stuff.  And yesterday when I asked his opinion about paint he just kind of glanced at the swatches and didn't have an opinion.  I think maybe the move was harder than we both might have anticipated.  It is hard leaving a place we called home for almost 3 years.

Anyway, the past two weekends have basically consisted of him working on his website, texting, and watching football both sat/sun.  Except for the hour on each Sunday I dragged him out to help pick out stuff for the new house. (and both were hurried errands at best)  I say hurried because in the past we would leisurely browse places like Target looking for cool things to add to our place, it was always fun. 

Now it's more like a watch the time, the cell phone, let's get what we need and get out experience.

I'm beginning to think men text more than women.  His male friends seems to be texting fiends. Seriously, men put your phones to, spend time with, do whatever with your wives, girlfriends, kids, family.  These men text more than any women I know.  Does no one have anything better to do?  (And why is it okay for the guys to barrage one another with texts but if I were to ever do that he would get annoyed.)  I'm ready to hand my cell # out on here and tell everyone to start texting me day and night.  Okay not really, as that would cost too much. hahahahaha

Hence why I could do without cell phones, internet,etc, because they just seem to be distractions that always seem to interrupt everything.  Concentrate on those actually in the room, or for those whom have made an effort to spend time with you.

Don't get me phone I use my phone, I love to talk to people and I enjoy texting.  But I never feel the need to do it when I'm out with others.  I'd rather enjoy the moment, the company I'm with, and leave the phone for when I'm bored and sitting at home.  Even when I'm home if I'm watching a game or movie I don't need to text every detail. Which brings me to.....I finally picked a phone the EnV Touch. Went with a pre owned one since I'm due for a new one anyway on my plan next year. Hopefully it works okay. just feels like the past few weekends have been lacking of fun,laughs, or relaxation.  Instead I felt rather stressed. Maybe that explains why I am having all these crazy vivid dreams lately of tropical places and embracing, loving gestures.  I guess if I were to be honest I just feel rather alone lately.  Hard to explain but I'm just craving a night looking at the stars or a hike/picnic in the fall foliage engaged in good conversation with no distractions.  Know what I mean?


I think we just need to complete what needs to be done on this new house so we can relax. There are still things we need like a shelf for the tv, a new bed, etc.. Today I plan on painting the main room.  After I got the color home it looked lighter than it did in the store, so I'm anxiously awaiting to see how it will look on the walls.  Trying to psych myself up this morning to start actually, as I know once I start there is no turning back and it is going to take me a few hours at least. haha

Anyway, those are my musings for this Monday.  Hope anyone that might be reading this morning had a great weekend.  And for those wishing it wasn't Monday just remember only four more days until the weekend.  ; )

Sunday, October 17, 2010


As a kid I remember the white fluffy parts of a Dandelion, you know....the part that emerged after the yellow flower had already bloomed.  We were always told to "make a wish and blow."  And I remember wondering if it was possible the wishes might actually come true.  You know how everything seems magically when your a little kid.

Well today, I found one of those flowers, and at a time when I really need to believe wishes come true.  And at this moment I wish for....

1. A job I love. One that pays well with good benefits and hours, nice coworkers, and close by. Or to start a business of my own.
2. Angel allergies, little twitches, and sight to be healed.
3. To have more dates and/or time with my man that involve laughing, having fun,being happy with no distractions (tv,cell,laptop) or worrying about time.
4. A new bed. (our frame broke and our mattress laying on the floor isn't cutting it)
5. Lots of hugs, kisses, and snuggling just because.
6. Help in setting up our new house and making it feel like a home.
7. Good conversation.. Lots of laughs.
8. Happiness.  Less loneliness.
9. To just be loved for who I am.
10. Win the lottery for over 20 million dollars.
11. My man to be healed of all his pain and not feeling well. (tooth, back, neck, and all else that ails him)  And for him to have more patience and understanding.
12. For a world full of more honesty, loyalty, kindness, compassion and love.

And there are a few wishes I kept to myself.  Can't share them all on here.  ; )

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Playoff Time In Philly


I have been a Phillies fan since I was a little girl.  Through their ups and downs I've remained a fan and attended games.  In fact, there were times the stadium was empty.  Now of course since they have been playing well the games are almost always sold out and  it is near impossible to get a ticket!  

I would love to be at the playoff game tonight.  In fact, I'm sad that we won't be there but with ticket prices going for outrageous prices per ticket, well it just was not in the budget this year. 

What is ironic though man happens to be a Giants fan.  And who are the Phillies playing this playoff series?  Of course...the Giants.  So our house is going to get real loud this playoff series!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cell Phones

Wow.  I cannot get over the costs of cell phones without any discount.  What amazes me is all the commericals, promises, and schmoozig cell phone providers do to get people to become customers.  But then when you are a customer how little can really be done to help you if something does happen to your phone.

Yeah, yeah I know.  Your thinking well be more careful with your phone.  And your right but at the same time how is it these cell phone providers get away with all their astronomical charges.  When I bought my DARE a few years ago data packages were optional, now they are required?  It just seems like every time I get a new phone, the list of new charges seems to increase.

And not only that but I've been a loyal customer of Verizon for years now.  My whole family is.  So you think they could offer me some discount on a new phone.  I tried to buy a refurbished one but they don't have any in stock.  And so I decided to try another cheap phone but yet again not in stock, and they believe it is discontinued.  Ahhhhhhhhhhh.......

The joys of cell phones.  We can't seem to live without them but we can't seem to live with them either.  I'm up for my two yr discount next year.  And in all honesty I don't really need a fancy phone, but I think society makes me feel like I do.  Kinda of like that whole "keep up with the Jones" mentality. Sometimes you kind of feel like you are missing out when everyone is displaying fancy, high tech phones and you whip out an old school looking flip phone.  Know what I mean?  (then again who cares right)   : )

Problem is my last phone was high tech.  I loved my DARE.  Mainly because it took great photos, and the reception was excellent.  Never had a problem hearing or understanding people, and vice versa.  And it just had some really cool features to it.  My man has the Blackberry and whenever he calls me on it, it is very hard to understand him.  That and I find the keyboards rather small and hard to navigate. Yet everyone seems to have that or the I Phone. 

Must admit I fell in love with the Samsung Fascinate.  Lovely phone but it is way too expensive.

Anyway, I'm in quite the dilemma...what phone, what phone?   It's not like I'm a huge phone user anyway, but we don't even have a home phone so I am kind of pressed to get another cell phone right away.  I'm leaning toward the Samsung Reality.  Anyone have experience with it?

This is my old phone which I like a lot.

The new phone I'm thinking of getting.

The phone I wish I could get.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy Thoughts

So many thoughts flowing through my mind lately.  Sometimes I feel like I can't sleep because of them.

And I came upon this quote :

"Very little is needed to make a happy life. It is within yourself, in your way of thinking."

Although, how do we remain happy in our thinking some days when getting barraged with not so happy stuff or negativity?  I've really been trying hard lately to try to remember that "things happen for reasons".  Just sometimes wish I knew what they were.

Take for example my phone fiasco the other day. Since I'm not up for a new phone for another year, it means I have to pay full price.  So I have to think long and hard about what I can really afford at the moment.  And these data packages that seems to go along with every phone these days is absurd.  How do I remain happy while knowing my finances are draining quicker than I can control?

Oh and I have to share a recent interview experience.  Applied to a position at National Philanthropic Trust, which I felt was a perfect fit for my background/experience and skill set.  In fact, it was the first position I was actually excited about.  Interviewed with two different individuals both went great. Two hours later they called to tell me they wanted to move along the process and to please send them 3 professional references.

I actually started visualizing myself working there, that is how positive I felt about it.   

And then nothing.  I followed up with them in a professional manner. Still nothing.  Then I hear from one my references who said  the woman had called, left him a voicemail, and upon returning her call her got her voicemail.  He said he left a message for her but she never called him back. Turns out she contacted all references leaving voicemails but never returned any of their calls when they actually tried to reach her.

Hence exactly a month later I try one more follow up, this time with a higher up at the company.  Don't you know within two days the woman sent me a letter saying the position had been filled.  Really?  I felt for sure the position was being offered to me.  I was completely stunned, still am.  

So....I'm trying  to think happy thoughts.  Even though I am completely disappointed.  But herein lies the key I guess, to think happy despite everything else that may try to bring us down in life.  It's not easy that is for sure.  But I am going to pray that there is some better position out there and that is why this happened the way it did. 

I think maybe I need to set aside time each day to meditate. To spend time each day focusing on the positive because right now I feel like I am being weighed down with a little too much negativity.  And I feel it is really taking a toll on my body, heart and soul.

In addition, I keep saying I'm going to get back into the habit of praying but then don't.  So I need to set aside the same time everyday to focus on what is really important in life.  Make a little schedule and stick to it.  I'm one of those types that like to have a schedule, I hate not knowing what or when I'm doing something.  I find I'm much more productive when I set aside a specific time and day.

And don't you know while I'm sitting here at my desk typing this morning, the most amazing colored Blue Jay sat right outside the window.  Of course I didn't have my camera handy but this is what it looked like.  It made me feel happy.  ; )



Tuesday, October 12, 2010

8 Questions

So as I sat down to write this morning, I noticed I have been tagged by Adorably Distracted!  So I decided it sounded like fun, which is something I need today.  And so what I was originally going to write about will have to wait until tomorrow.  Thanks for including me! 

How it works: I answer these 8 questions, then tag 8 bloggers to answer my own questions!

1. If someone was annoying you at work and has gotten to a point that's pushed you over the edge, would you cause a big fit and tell him like it is because everyone agrees and they deserve it, or do you keep your cool and ignore them?
At first I'd keep my cool, probably drop little hints.  If the hints didn't work then I'd probably have to tell him like it is.  Though since it is work I would not cause too big of a commotion....I'd just state the facts and make suggestions how to improve.  (it would probably be best to do it in a reverse psychology type of way)

2. What is your favorite time of year?
Summer.  Love the warm weather, beach, gardening, and all the flowers in bloom. (though I could do without the east coast humidity) haha

3. What is your favorite quote or lyric?
"We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly."

4. What is your favorite scene from a movie?
I love the seen in Meet Joe Black when Brad Pitt comes walking back over the bridge.  It just gives such a great feeling that true love can triumph over anything.  Although I could think of few other great ones as well.

5. What's your idea of the perfect date? And do not say april 12th, because all you need is a light jacket.
Perfect date, is sitting on the beach on a warm summer night, at sunset with a picnic dinner.  Sharing good conversation and just being together without any distractions. Assuming this is a date with a long time bf or husband it would be followed by some passionate kisses and tender love.  What can I say.... I'm a romantic.

6. Who is your favorite celebrity and why?
Tough question. Not sure because they all seem to fall from grace eventually. Do athletes count?  Rod Brindamour and Tim Tebow.  Both from what I know just seem to have their hearts and heads in the right places.  Hmmmm....I'm sure there might be someone else as well?  Not sure.

7. Do you believe in love at first sight? why?
I'd like to believe it exists, but I just can't help think that love only comes when you really know someone.  I just feel love is something that develops after the other person really opens up their life to you, really lets you see the good and bad.  To many people put up fronts in the beginning and that doesn't allow the true heart and soul to be revealed.  I've always believed true love happens when another soul can be completely themselves with another.  When nothing is hidden or kept from the other.  When anything and everything can be shared with another in a heart felt, soul endearing, deep way. 

8. How would you describe love?
Love is unconditional.  It is honesty, loyalty, faithfulness, truthfulness, kindness, compassionate,patience, non judging, being there through the good and bad, sharing, caring, openly communicating, tender kisses, passionate kisses, making love, snuggling, putting the other first, taking care of others, understanding, it's all that and so much more rolled up into one.  Love is the good in life.

Okay now I have to tag 8 bloggers to answer the questions below.....
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1. What makes you happy?

2. What is your dream job?

3. What are your five top pet peeves in life?

4. How would you describe love? (this was a good question so I had to copy it)

5. What is a typical day like for you?

6. If you could travel to any four countries, where would you choose to go?  And why?

7. What is the most romantic gesture you have ever experienced?

8. What are your favorite stores to shop?

Okay, hope you all have fun answering the questions!

I'm headed to look at new phones today.  Hoping that I can afford a new phone without any kind of discount.  Still cannot believe mine fell into the tub.  Any recommendations for a cheap phone?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Musings

Yes I'm up early this Monday morning.  Finally got 8 hrs of sleep, which is something I seriously haven't had in months.  It feels so good.  Well that and I had a sweet dream.

The dream was filled with sun,sand, beautiful waves and romance.  Ahhhh....gotta love dreams like that.  Do you ever dream dreams that seem so real, ones in which the feeling is so intense, that it is almost hard to distinguish it from reality?  

Sometimes I experience those type dreams.  And it really is an amazing feeling. 

In the dream I was standing by the ocean, feeling that all incompassing feeling of someone loving me.  You know what I mean?  Where they wrap their arms around you, and you know they adore and love you so much that everything in life seems perfect?  It was a dream right from Hollywood romance movies. haha   And it didn't involve anything but an incredible embrace, or sense of being held and completely loved.

I've always been a beach girl, and miss living by the beach/ocean.  And it seems to appear pretty frequently in my dreams.  When I do have those beach dreams it always makes me feel happy.

Anyway back to reality on this Moday morning....I dropped my phone in the bathtub yesterday and it won't charge.  Well given I don't have the finances to buy a new phone at the moment not sure what I am going to do.   I am locked into contract with Verizon, and my new phone every two years isn't due until 2011.  So, I'm definitely in a bit of a quandry. 

Other than that I pretty much had a low key, rather boring weekend. haha   Still working on setting up the house. And still a lot to be organized.  I did cook a turkey which came out delicious!  Homemade mashed potatoes with honey glazed carrots.  Gosh I must be getting old because that felt like the highlight of my weekend. ; ) 

Penn State lost to Illinois, but the Falcons won.  Way to go Matty Ryan.  And when are the Broncos going to let Tim Tebow play?  Orton isn't overly impressive, so I think they could give Tebow some playing time.  Like I said before it's hard to follow one team in this day and age.  The way they get traded and moved around.  Plus, there are just some athletes I'm more fond of over others.

The man basically was glued to his laptop, cell phone, and tv all weekend watching games.  I dragged him out for a hour on Saturday to accompany me to Walmart and he pretty much wanted to hurry through, complaining about having to be there in the first place.  Lately he just hasn't seemed like he has wanted to do much, but then again he hasn't been feeling all that well either.  Now that it's Fall I thought maybe we could go pick pumpkins or go on a drive/hike to take in the Fall Foilage.   Both our baseball teams are heading to the playoffs so I'm sure that is weighing more on his mind than anything else. (maybe we could go see a game together without any distractions)

Back to my dream.  Why is it we dream what we do? What are dreams?  Do you think dreams are just our subconscious working things out while we sleep, or are dreams way of guiding us in life?  And further more do you think that dreams can actually be insight or predictions into life?

This Monday I have a full agenda ahead of me.  And I guess first on that list would be to find a phone.  My sister thought she may have an old phone I can use, but she has to find the charger for it.  Let's hope.  But most importantly, I can't wait to spend the day outdoors with my niece!  She makes any day brighter and happier!

Hope everyone reading this morning had a good weekend.  And if you get a chance share your thoughts on dreams.....


These photos remind me of the feeling the dream evoked.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Settling In

We are officially moved in to the new house, thanks to my family. They out did themselves.  In fact, I didn't realize how much stuff we had collected the past few years and honestly next time will hire movers because I felt bad at how much work was involved.  All I can say is my sister, brother in law, mother, and father are wonderful! No AMAZING!

I spent a lot of time cleaning, packing and going through stuff before the move.  And now it is much of the same at the new house.  For the past week I've been working real hard.  Cleaned all the rooms (even scrubbed the walls), mopped all floors, unpacked everything, organized each room, went shopping for hardware, gave Angel a bath, moved furniture,etc.

My man on the other hand tended to wait last minute for many items, especially the basement stuff that needed to be wiped down (I ended up doing most of it).  So I've basically done all the cleaning, unpacking, and setting up at the new house myself.  Trying to carry everything down the basement took a while. haha

In fact, Sunday I did so much I ended up with vertigo and felt horrible by the end of the day.  (guess waking up at 6:30 and working straight through to 3 was too much for my little frame)  Then again lifting anything at 102 lbs feels heavy. lol

Sometimes I don't understand my man, how he can watch me do what I am and not want to jump in to help.(instead of me having to ask)  Or not want to unpack his things rather them leave his clothes laying on the floor.  And Sunday while I was trying to unpack stuff, he was on the couch working on his website and watching football. Men. haha (I finally took a break to eat something and watch some football but by then I felt too dizzy to enjoy it)  Oh did I mention a bag full of his paperwork is still sitting on the patio half ripped and he walks right past it everyday.

My feeling is procrastinating only makes one feel worse because they think of all they have to do, instead of just jumping in and doing it. Know what I mean? Sometimes the best remedy is to just roll up the sleeves and do the work.  Why not unpack and get settled as soon as possible so we can relax, and not have to look at boxes sitting everywhere, and living not knowing where anything is.

My family has gone out of  their way to help.  My dad kindly helped patch some walls, helped install a new toilet seat, and did some other handy man kind of stuff.  I guess I really do  take after both my parents because when something needs to be done, they do it and quickly. Guess that is where I learned it from.

Anyway, we are settling in to the new house.  Back to work I go.  I think it's time I get my own tool belt because I've learned how to do a lot over the past few weeks!  ; )

Once again  thanks to my family.  Your help meant the world to me. You have no idea how grateful I am to have you as my family.  I love you.  Thanks!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Moving Day

Well it is finally here, and I'm feeling such a mix of emotions.  It wasn't an easy decision.  There were both pros and cons.  But we would like to think the pros outweigh the cons.  Sometimes chances get given to us and this was one of those opportunities.

Yeah there were major downsides to living where we do now, but there were a few great perks like having a newly renovated house, new paints, and new flooring.  It felt like a new house inside because it had never really been lived in, in it's new state.  But today is a good example of why we need to move the basement is majorly flooded and will stay like that until it drys.

The new place is a super cute cottage, but it has been lived in before and not as newly renovated or painted as the old one.  But there are quite a few perks such as it's a house (no other noisy residents to have to listen to), own backyard, driveway, and two bathrooms.  Plus, it is much closer to my amazing niece!

But I find change of any kind hard.  I'm one of those people who after awhile gets attached to places, people, and certain routines.  So when those things change it often takes me a little to adjust.  Hence that is where feeling the mixed emotions come in.

Today I have a rather long day ahead of me. I'm going to clean every square inch of the house, meet with the cable guy, and do those little pre move in things.  Not exactly psyched about the hour drive ahead of me because Philly has been under major flooding due to tropical storm Nicole.  It has been raining since yesterday morning and we are talking heavy, heavy rain.  So it has made for some messy roadways and major flooding.

Tomorrow is officially the big move day.  My family...parents, sister and brother in law will all be coming to help.  I'm very grateful to have such a loving, supportive family, who is always ready to lend a hand.  Without them I don't know what I would do. 

So here is a preview of our little cottage house.

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