Friday, September 24, 2010

Without Trust

"Without trust, words become the hollow sound of a wooden gong.  With trust, words become life itself. "

I seem to ponder the meaning of trust, and honesty, rather often.  Maybe because it is very important to me, something I feel important to life too.  Maybe because I feel everytime I turn on the tv, read a paper, watch the news that all the stories center around some kind of dishonesty.  One can't even enjoy sports these days without being subjected to it.

And at times,even in my own life, it seems trust nor honesty have not always been dependable.  Dependable as in, to just know you can trust others, trust what they say, trust what they do, trust others to be honest,etc..

It's as if people enjoy blowing smoke out their arses, rather then just telling it like it is.  You know being straight up. It is something we all encounter at one time or another.

Maybe I'm too idealistic.  Maybe expecting others to be completely trusthworthy, open and honest is asking too much?  I don't know maybe I'm one of the few who likes to share everything, who believes in sharing everything.

I don't quite understood how any one would not want to strive to be trustworthy?  Doesn't that make for a stronger individual, stronger character, as I believe others respect honesty more.  Nor do I understand why anyone would feel the need to weave lies or tell half truths.  It seems like a waste of time. 

Not only that but keeping things from our friends, family, and those we love seems even more senseless.   Those people are suppose to be the very people we can open up to, share with, and be completely honest and ourselves with. 

And what a lonely life it would be, in my opinion, if we didn't at least have one person we could tell all, share all, and be all with.  We imprison a part of our soul when we purposely hide or keep things from others.  How can anyone live freely if their soul is weighed down by hidden truths, secrets, etc..

Trust is like a vase....once it is broken, though you can fix it but the vase will never be same again.

And for some it is something they must learn as they go about their journey, if only it could be something learned quickly and by the mid twenties. (that is plenty of time don't you think?) haha 

And I'm sure there are those that would argue trust and honesty gets them no where. But where does being not trustworthy and not honest really get them either?

Why does is it seem like such a hard virtue for so many to live by,stand by and to just be?

Too deep for a Friday?  Probably. ; )

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