Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

"If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it.  Even if I may not have it at the beginning. "

So this quote popped up on my little desk top calendar this morning, it seems perfectly intune to what I was thinking this morning.  And that would be....do we have the power to change not only our own lives but the lives of others around us just by how we think?

This goes way back to pioneers like Norman Vincent Peale who wrote the best seller "The Power Of Positive Thinking", he truly believed we can change our lives by changing our mental attitudes.  And I have to admit many a day I have pondered this thought.

Can our attitudes really alter our lives and the lives around us.

Think about though, it makes sense.  Even in everyday life, say one doesn't want to do something and all they can focus on is the negative than the end result of that experience will most likely be an unpleasant experience.

 But what if one instead tried to focus on the positive of the situation, find little things that might be good about it, would that not make for a more positive experience....does that not have the potential to even make it something that might turn out to be more fun then anticipated all because one changed how they thought about it? 

I think the theory behind it sounds great but putting it into play is the hardest part.  It is like the half glass full/empty view....basically choosing optimism over pessimism.  Yes much easier said than done.  But what if every negative thought that arose in our minds we were able to replace with a positive?

Sure sometimes life can be annoying but maybe more times than not it is us who makes it annoying by our own thoughts. Life is short there is no doubt about that.  We are each only given so much time here.  So why is it in our society do we spend so much time focusing on the negative instead of the positive?

For example, imagine if you went to work today and all your boss focused on was the positive?  Imagine if coworkers were all pleasant and nice to one another with no gossiping or office politics?  Would that not make each of our work experiences more positive and would people then not want to give more of themselves?

What if when you came home today your partnered showered you with compliments, with love and concentrated solely on your happiness?   Would that not change your attitude, and how you treated them and then others?

Problem is that probably isn't going to happen.  So it is up to us to change how we think.  To be more positive and hope that our shift in attitude will eventually rub off on those around us.  Just believing anything is possible can change not only our own lives but those around us as well.  Heck it can change the world. 

I really want to believe that it is possible.

 I'm a doubter of some sorts maybe I was born that way or maybe life has shaped me that way but sometimes doubt is just an annoying negativity that gets in the way also.   That is why having faith and hope are so much more important.  We aren't ever going to know all the answers to life but I can't help but think that thinking more positive and changing our own attitudes can't hurt right?

They say what you give is what you get.  For many of us that doesn't always feel true but the only way to change the pessimism, the negativity is to sometimes keep giving, keep being positive and hope that not only will it change our own lives but positively affect those around us. 

I'm no guru of any sorts I'm just tired of how our society seems to focus on the negative, the self, the superificial, etc, to the point that many of us miss what is really important in life.

Today change a negative thought, change a long held belief.  Focus on changing the negative into the positive.  Remember we all have the power to change our beliefs, to change our thoughts, and sometimes in life that is all it takes.

Just something to think about.

{while on a drive to d.c. last summer we happened upon this rainbow}

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