Saturday, September 25, 2010

Stuck Packing

 Today I somehow got stuck with the packing.  Even missed the Penn State game!

And my man well he is sitting on the couch watching football, something I would much prefer to be doing too. But nope I'm cleaning and packing. Which really sucks, and no matter how nicely I ask him he just doesn't seem motivated to join in. Does he not see me working my little butt off.  Hello???? Anyone???? Mars???? Bueller???? 

I'm not gonna hide the fact that I'm bummed, I wanted this to be a joint effort....something we would tackle together all at once so that it would be finished by tomorrow so then we could relax and watch football all day. 

He informs me he has a headache and toothache.  Great...well I have a backache and all over body ache from all the lifting I've been doing.  We are moving next weekend, he works all week, this weekend is the only time we can clean and pack everything.

In preparation of our big move, our current house is looking very cluttery.  There are books, boxes, clothes, you name it everywhere.  Trying to organize and figure out what should go in what box is confusing at times. 
The hardest part of moving is getting the right supplies for a cheap price, figuring out how many boxes one needs, what should be put in each box, and making sure none of them are too heavy too lift.  (I have a tendency to pack too heavy of boxes)  

And if you have been following along you know my basement floods.  So anything stored down there, even in the best of packaging materials got a musty smell.  Not good.  So that requires spraying with a lot of lysol, febreeze, and giving the articles time to air out.  It really is a lot of work.  And for little skinny me I've been lifting some heavy stuff. (hoping I don't end up with a hernia)

Just wishing my man would sometimes work on stuff like this together.  Not on his time line but a time line that works for both of us, and so that no one gets stuck lifting heavy stuff on their own.  If I ask when, I get we'll see or I don't know so even trying to set a time to pack was impossible hence why I just tackled it myself today.  (actually it is something I've been working on here and there all week)  I don't think he even realizes all the time and work I've put into this.

People are people and you can't change them.  But sometimes you just wish they were on the same page as you somedays. haha  Or at least realize how very hard you work. stuff is packed. The kitchen stuff will have to wait because we need that to cook with still.  He is on his own now, wanna take bets as to when he gets around to going threw his stuff, packing, and cleaning it all?  I'm betting the night before we move.  ; )

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