Friday, September 10, 2010

Random Thought Friday

- The weather is perfect.  Although I prefer warm weather, this summers heat and humidity have been unbearable so the cooler temps feel so refreshing.

- Huge game this weekend.  Penn State vs Alabama.  Just about everyone I know is telling me Penn State doesn't stand a chance.  We'll I just cannot listen to that nonsense.  And yes I know the reality is it is going to be a real tough match up, and the odds seem to appear against us but you never know.  So....Let's Go Penn State!!!!

- Yes there are officially 3 weeks left until we move but the obsessed organizer that I am is wondering if I should start packing or at least start buying packing supplies now?

- Twilight....watched the movie for the first time and was happily surprised.  I enjoyed it and look forward to catching up on the following sequels.  Of course I am a sucker for love stories, and this is an interesting version of a love story.  The adoring, protective, consuming love of Edward toward Bella is romantic.

- Was happy when Britney was eliminated from Big Brother.  I've said it before but I don't care for people who talk negatively and are unkind to others.  Surprisingly enough the three guys left on the show actually seem like nice, decent human beings.

-  Heard this morning that cotton has become a commodity its prices are on the rise.  They were telling people to stock up on cotton essentials.  Really?

- Wonder how and why some people seem to be pathological liars. Is it learned or are they born that way?  Some people lie about the stupidest of things.  And as one of my favorite quotes states, truth fears no questions. 

- Wishes my niece lived down the street so we could hang out more often.  She is so much fun to be around.

- Is in need of a recipe that involves chicken and rice for this evenings dinner. Anyone got any favorites they would like to share?

- Well I'm off to bath the doggie, clean the house, and then we will see what happens from there.

As you can see my little on isn't fond of baths but due to her skin issues we have to bath her 2-3 times a week at the moment.....usually it is only once a week.


  1. Darn it!! I have an awesome chicken and rice recipe. But by now, you've probably already made dinner. Let me know the next time you need one.

    And Twilight?!!??! I am beyond obsessed. You have to read the books. They are amazing.... love them all!!!

  2. Stopping back once more to let you know I left a little prayer for you on my blog today... hope all of the love and support in the world is sent your way.


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