Friday, September 17, 2010

My Man

So today on my blog I am giving a shout out to my man.  An article has been written about him by ESPN's Chad Millman, and since he really does put a lot of work into his website I thought it only right to acknowledge him in my blog today.  - here is the article I am referring too. Though you may have to be a member of espn to view it.

Now let me explain for non sports types what my man does.  In addition to working in Finance for a fortune 500 company (which he was fortunate to be offered after being laid off this past year), he also runs a small website business.

He is what you call a sports handicapper. He takes games, creates models, analyzes the spread, and then predicts an outcome.  And then those people who bet on games come to him to buy his advice.  Guess you could refer to him an investment advisor for the sports world. (it is really in the early stages because something such as this takes time to develop and promote due to it being based on the success of his picks/records each season)

He is passionate about sports, beyond passionate. He will stay home from weddings, parties, take days off from work, etc., just to watch certain sporting events. Even come summer if there is a major golf tournament televised we can't make any plans for those weekends. (though I do sometimes convince him that instead of watching on tv we should go view it live, which is always fun)

Oh and did I mention everything in life he seems to remember by what happened in the sports world that day.  If you say where were you on April 10,1998 he will recall the exact events of the day by what game was on that day. Seriously. 

So I'm glad he got acknowledged on ESPN's website today, not only for his hard work but because I know how happy such things make him.  And honestly he really puts in a lot of effort and time into running this website of his. (now if only I convince him to put that kind of effort into all areas of his life) 

Seriously though he is doing something he loves, that in itself is great and I hope it turns into everything he dreams.

While we are on the topic of my man, here are some tidbits about him that relate to us.

1. The idea of blogging came from a conversation with him.  I used to write in a journal, a few times he made comments about feeling it was unfair to write things in there about him I could not share with him.  And I would explain to him that is what a journal is all about.  Then one day I came across an article about blogging, it intrigued me so I started writing, and it turned into a journal for me.

2. Which brings me to why I call him my man.  He didn't like the idea of me talking about him, then I explained would he rather me go back to my journals or him be able to read my thoughts?  He didn't prefer either, yet I think blogging made him feel he could at least read it.(but then I thought mentioning his name all the time might be too personal for him) Yet at this age and for the amount of time we have been together boyfriend seemed redundant, partner didn't sound right, guy made him sound too young, hence I decided I'd refer to him as my man. haha

3.  I love sports too. Though I don't necessarily need to miss out on other fun activities in life just to stay home and watch a game. (unless of course it is a playoff or big rivalry)  In fact, I even pick what games I believe will win.  He bases his picks on logical,stats,models, etc., and I base mine on pure intuition.  And one of my favorite things to do is golf with him.  I've always loved to golf, and I love it even more when we golf together.

So there you have it, a little insight into our world.   That's all for now though as he is already probably rolling his eyes that this much has been written about him. haha

Congratulations to the man.  May this be only the beginning of your success. 

P.S. And hopefully with that success you will surprise us along the way with a new king mattress. ; )

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