Saturday, September 4, 2010

Let's Go Penn State

Yes it is finally here.  College football has begun.  And the weather on the east coast has cooled off just in time.  Temps around 80, with a nice breeze. 

As you can tell by the title....I am a true blue Penn State fan!  Is there any better coach than Joe Pa?  I love the guy.  And for the first time in Joe Pa's reign he is starting a true freshman at quarterback. 

Ahhhh.....gotta love Fall. We are Penn State.

In our household there is quite a rivalry in sports.  You see we don't agree on any team.  Let me lay if out for you.

My teams:  Penn State, Eagles, Falcons, Flyers,Sixers, Phillies (although I have always liked Tebow so I will be following the Broncos closely)  Honestly, I follow a few NFL teams because there are certain players I really like and want to do well.  And I wasn't happy when the Eagles signed Vick.

My mans teams: Michigan, Broncos, Rangers, Suns, Giants.

And we actually create spreadsheets with all the games for the NFL season, and we pick who we like.  Then at the end of the season we see who has the most wins.  It is so much fun because we actually pick the games before the season starts.  And so each week we each have a little investment in each game makes it even more fun to watch!

We happen to wager on a lot of sporting events, even golf.  And our records are pretty even. 

Anyway, to all those football fans out there....let the season begin and may the best team win. 

Let's go Penn State!!!!

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