Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Let's Dance

Put on your red shoes and dance the blues.  Let's dance.

Remember that song by David Bowie.  That is what I feel like doing at the moment.  Just dancing!

The upcoming move has me feeling both excited and nervous.  It is also very stressful trying to organize and pack everything, and I'm still extremely worried that I have not found a job yet.  I feel like the excitement, nervousness, and stress is subconsciously building up.  As I've been waking up at 3 am many a night, and while I lay there I just start thinking about everything. 

It's crazy but I'm registered with numerous temp firms, send my resume out to any new job I see listed, and still have yet to get any offers.  I actually went on one interview where 4 hours after the interview they called to tell me they wanted to move along the process and to send them references.  Well four weeks later I still have yet to hear anything, and I have tried to contact them also but nothing.  Anyway....

Back to dancing.  I normally do a light workout on the treadmill couple days a week, mainly to stay in shape, build stamina and help with stress.  While I'm walking I usually listen to my ipod, and somehow always end up jumping off the treadmill and busting out a few dance moves too.

 If anyone were watching they would probably get a good laugh. But I find it not only fun but very good at relieving stress.  And for that moment I just get lost in a daydream world where I'm some great dancer like J Lo or Madonna. Or that I'm on Dancing With The Stars and performing some amazing dancing moves.  I'm really not that cordinated so the dancing they do on that show always amazes me.

So today with the surmounting stress that seems to always be around these days.  I say "Let's Dance" "Put on those red shoes and dance the blues". 

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