Wednesday, September 8, 2010

America's Got Talent

Never in all my watching of reality tv have I seen a better season of any show.  America's Got Talent has simply amazing acts this season.  Many of which deserve not only their own Vegas show but to be on Broadway or to have their own album.  I really cannot say enough about the talent on the show this season.

The variety of the talent is what makes it even more exciting and fun to watch.   There is Michael Grasso a magician, and Jeremy Vanschoonhoven a stunt cyclist who seem to wow the audience and keep them on the edge of their seats with every performance. 

Then there are Anna Kaczmarski and Patryk Ploszay, and Studio One Young Beast Society dancers who seem to remind us that good dancing.....really good dancing can be captivating.

Of course let's not forget the singers Taylor Mathews and Michael Grimm who each have a distinct sound all their own, enough so to sell a record or two.

Then there is Prince Poppycock.  Hard to put his talent into words but lets just say he is a one man Broadway show.  His voice and the creativity he puts into this act are worthy of Broadway.  In fact, more entertaining than many of the shows already out there.

And my two favorites.  For which I have provided video clips, seriously take a moment to watch these.

Fighting Gravity is a group of college students with no formal dance training or anything of the such who put together this incredibly glow in the dark show.  As it is performed now it could easily be a Vegas show.  If you can find more clips of it online I advise watching all their performances because the act gets more detailed and harder each week they advanced on the show. 

Fighting Gravity

And Jackie Evancho there are no words to describe her performance.  Her voice is not only beautiful but stunning.  To listen to her sing, to watch her perform you begin to believe that Angels on earth really do exist. As Sharon Osbourne said her life will never be the same and it will take her to many beautiful places. She is beyond a Vegas act, she needs a record contract asap.

Jackie Evancho

To have to decide between any of these acts is near impossible.  Everyone of them brings a different kind of beauty and talent to the stage.  They all deserve to win.

That is the hardest part of shows such as this, when there is so much talent and yet only one prize.  Tonight's show is going to be real hard to watch, and I will feel sad for the 6 acts that don't advance. 

I hope there are some talent agents watching this season because these acts, these people should all be doing what they love for a living.  They deserve to make their living doing the gifts and talents they have been given.

It is nice to see a reality show in which real acts and talents are showcased.  One that allows us for a moment to forget our everyday lives, to become transformed and mesmerized by such amazing performances.

And if you want to check the other acts I mentioned.

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