Thursday, September 30, 2010

Do Right

"The time is always right to do what is right"

When I read such a quote I wonder to myself, how many of us "do the right thing" on a daily basis?  And what is "doing the right thing".  

In my opinion it is living our lives in good character, with good morals and values.   Letting ourselves, our hearts, and our souls be the best they can be.  And living the best life we can.  Not an easy task considering what life throws at us all sometimes.

It is knowing right from wrong.  Something that seems to skewed in our society these days.

I'm not going to sugar coat anything.  Crap happens in life.  Some days are great and others plain suck.  But doing the right thing should not change, it should be the one constant in our life. 

So why is it when I read the news or watch tv I feel like I'm being bombarded with so many that don't seem to know right from wrong, nor come close to doing the right thing.  Because in essence it is much easier said than done.

Doing the right thing.  What does that really mean?  Here's my random ideas of examples....

1. Simple things like hold doors for others.
2. Tell the truth.  Speak the truth. Live the Truth. Simply put don't lie.
3. Remembering that love is more important than lust.
4. If you don't have anything nice to say about someone just don't say anything.
5. Respect others.
6. Stop judging start understanding.  At least try to understand.
7. Help those in need you never know when it might be you who needs help.
8. Stick up for what is right, make your voice heard, sometimes change happens with one small step.
9. Driving speeding, texting, or being distracted
10. Think. Think. Think.  Think.  Before you do something you might regret.
11. Don't let alcohol and drugs control you or cloud your judgement. 
12. Republicans and Democrats stop wasting millions of dollars on campaigns.  Put the money into this country, into new programs, and work together, learn to compromise, listen to what the majority of real people have to say.
13. Don't make fun of others.
14. Don't be selfish, think of others.
15. Try to do one nice thing a day.
16. Create more inspirational good hearted movies and tv shows.
17. Criticize less, encourage more.
18. Spend less, donate more.

Just a little sample of ways we could do more right in the world, and less wrong.  There are a million other ways as well. And I know not everyone is religious but I think the ten commandments are a good example of what it means to "do what is right". 

Anyway, the quote happened to be on my calendar this morning and I thought it was one worth sharing.  I'm sure it means different things to each of us.  Hopefully it will inspire you like it has inspired me today.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Woof Wednesday

It's Woof Wednesday and that means there is another special dog that is in need of a loving home.  This week I am featuring Cassie who is waiting at the Philadelphia SPCA for a family to call her own.  Please contact them directly for all the details. (215) 426-6300 Adoptions: ext. 251, 234

West Highland Terrier Mix

*If you want to be apart of "Woof Wednesdays" email Lauren at [] or leave a comment!  We would Love to bring you on board!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Let's Dance

Put on your red shoes and dance the blues.  Let's dance.

Remember that song by David Bowie.  That is what I feel like doing at the moment.  Just dancing!

The upcoming move has me feeling both excited and nervous.  It is also very stressful trying to organize and pack everything, and I'm still extremely worried that I have not found a job yet.  I feel like the excitement, nervousness, and stress is subconsciously building up.  As I've been waking up at 3 am many a night, and while I lay there I just start thinking about everything. 

It's crazy but I'm registered with numerous temp firms, send my resume out to any new job I see listed, and still have yet to get any offers.  I actually went on one interview where 4 hours after the interview they called to tell me they wanted to move along the process and to send them references.  Well four weeks later I still have yet to hear anything, and I have tried to contact them also but nothing.  Anyway....

Back to dancing.  I normally do a light workout on the treadmill couple days a week, mainly to stay in shape, build stamina and help with stress.  While I'm walking I usually listen to my ipod, and somehow always end up jumping off the treadmill and busting out a few dance moves too.

 If anyone were watching they would probably get a good laugh. But I find it not only fun but very good at relieving stress.  And for that moment I just get lost in a daydream world where I'm some great dancer like J Lo or Madonna. Or that I'm on Dancing With The Stars and performing some amazing dancing moves.  I'm really not that cordinated so the dancing they do on that show always amazes me.

So today with the surmounting stress that seems to always be around these days.  I say "Let's Dance" "Put on those red shoes and dance the blues". 

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Stuck Packing

 Today I somehow got stuck with the packing.  Even missed the Penn State game!

And my man well he is sitting on the couch watching football, something I would much prefer to be doing too. But nope I'm cleaning and packing. Which really sucks, and no matter how nicely I ask him he just doesn't seem motivated to join in. Does he not see me working my little butt off.  Hello???? Anyone???? Mars???? Bueller???? 

I'm not gonna hide the fact that I'm bummed, I wanted this to be a joint effort....something we would tackle together all at once so that it would be finished by tomorrow so then we could relax and watch football all day. 

He informs me he has a headache and toothache.  Great...well I have a backache and all over body ache from all the lifting I've been doing.  We are moving next weekend, he works all week, this weekend is the only time we can clean and pack everything.

In preparation of our big move, our current house is looking very cluttery.  There are books, boxes, clothes, you name it everywhere.  Trying to organize and figure out what should go in what box is confusing at times. 
The hardest part of moving is getting the right supplies for a cheap price, figuring out how many boxes one needs, what should be put in each box, and making sure none of them are too heavy too lift.  (I have a tendency to pack too heavy of boxes)  

And if you have been following along you know my basement floods.  So anything stored down there, even in the best of packaging materials got a musty smell.  Not good.  So that requires spraying with a lot of lysol, febreeze, and giving the articles time to air out.  It really is a lot of work.  And for little skinny me I've been lifting some heavy stuff. (hoping I don't end up with a hernia)

Just wishing my man would sometimes work on stuff like this together.  Not on his time line but a time line that works for both of us, and so that no one gets stuck lifting heavy stuff on their own.  If I ask when, I get we'll see or I don't know so even trying to set a time to pack was impossible hence why I just tackled it myself today.  (actually it is something I've been working on here and there all week)  I don't think he even realizes all the time and work I've put into this.

People are people and you can't change them.  But sometimes you just wish they were on the same page as you somedays. haha  Or at least realize how very hard you work. stuff is packed. The kitchen stuff will have to wait because we need that to cook with still.  He is on his own now, wanna take bets as to when he gets around to going threw his stuff, packing, and cleaning it all?  I'm betting the night before we move.  ; )

Friday, September 24, 2010

Without Trust

"Without trust, words become the hollow sound of a wooden gong.  With trust, words become life itself. "

I seem to ponder the meaning of trust, and honesty, rather often.  Maybe because it is very important to me, something I feel important to life too.  Maybe because I feel everytime I turn on the tv, read a paper, watch the news that all the stories center around some kind of dishonesty.  One can't even enjoy sports these days without being subjected to it.

And at times,even in my own life, it seems trust nor honesty have not always been dependable.  Dependable as in, to just know you can trust others, trust what they say, trust what they do, trust others to be honest,etc..

It's as if people enjoy blowing smoke out their arses, rather then just telling it like it is.  You know being straight up. It is something we all encounter at one time or another.

Maybe I'm too idealistic.  Maybe expecting others to be completely trusthworthy, open and honest is asking too much?  I don't know maybe I'm one of the few who likes to share everything, who believes in sharing everything.

I don't quite understood how any one would not want to strive to be trustworthy?  Doesn't that make for a stronger individual, stronger character, as I believe others respect honesty more.  Nor do I understand why anyone would feel the need to weave lies or tell half truths.  It seems like a waste of time. 

Not only that but keeping things from our friends, family, and those we love seems even more senseless.   Those people are suppose to be the very people we can open up to, share with, and be completely honest and ourselves with. 

And what a lonely life it would be, in my opinion, if we didn't at least have one person we could tell all, share all, and be all with.  We imprison a part of our soul when we purposely hide or keep things from others.  How can anyone live freely if their soul is weighed down by hidden truths, secrets, etc..

Trust is like a vase....once it is broken, though you can fix it but the vase will never be same again.

And for some it is something they must learn as they go about their journey, if only it could be something learned quickly and by the mid twenties. (that is plenty of time don't you think?) haha 

And I'm sure there are those that would argue trust and honesty gets them no where. But where does being not trustworthy and not honest really get them either?

Why does is it seem like such a hard virtue for so many to live by,stand by and to just be?

Too deep for a Friday?  Probably. ; )

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Woof Wednesday

Given my love of dogs and the desire I have to see that all dogs find a safe,loving home....I have decided to participate in Woof Wednesday.  Woof Wednesday was created by Lauren over at  Derek & Lauren blog.

So, what is Woof Wednesday you ask?  Every Wednesday you try to post about a dog who is in need of adoption.  This is done by featuring dogs in your local area or wherever you choose. 

There are many, many dogs that need good homes.  And so I hope by participating in Woof Wednesday that I will help those dogs who are looking to give their unconditional love, and find a family their hearts can call home.

I myself am owner of a westie. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me. There are no words to describe how much I love her, or how much joy she has brought to my life.  She changed my life for the better in so many ways.  And I believe dogs have the potential to change many a life if only they are given the chance.

Having said that you will probably notice westies will get a little more attention on my rescue mission on Woof Wednesdays but don't worry I'll try to mix it up with various other breeds as well.

The dogs I post will be dogs who are in need of adoption in the Northeast area of the country such as Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Delaware areas because that is the region of the country I live, but I will also from time to time try to focus on dogs who made need immediate adoption in other areas of the country as well.

Hope that you enjoy Woof Wednesday!  And that maybe you will hop on board too!

BAMBI: West Highland White Terrier Westie, Dog; Princeton, NJ
3 years old, West Highland Terrier
Princeton, NJ
            Visit her profile page on Petfinder to learn more about Bambi:

{Please keep in mind a dog is a lifetime commitment.  They need attention, love and time just like we do.  In addition, adding a pet to the family does cost money in the way of food, healthcare,training,etc. So before adopting make sure you are willing to make that kind of commitment and have the financial means to do so.}

*If you want to be apart of "Woof Wednesdays" email Lauren at [] or leave a comment!  We would Love to bring you on board!

Friday, September 17, 2010

My Man

So today on my blog I am giving a shout out to my man.  An article has been written about him by ESPN's Chad Millman, and since he really does put a lot of work into his website I thought it only right to acknowledge him in my blog today.  - here is the article I am referring too. Though you may have to be a member of espn to view it.

Now let me explain for non sports types what my man does.  In addition to working in Finance for a fortune 500 company (which he was fortunate to be offered after being laid off this past year), he also runs a small website business.

He is what you call a sports handicapper. He takes games, creates models, analyzes the spread, and then predicts an outcome.  And then those people who bet on games come to him to buy his advice.  Guess you could refer to him an investment advisor for the sports world. (it is really in the early stages because something such as this takes time to develop and promote due to it being based on the success of his picks/records each season)

He is passionate about sports, beyond passionate. He will stay home from weddings, parties, take days off from work, etc., just to watch certain sporting events. Even come summer if there is a major golf tournament televised we can't make any plans for those weekends. (though I do sometimes convince him that instead of watching on tv we should go view it live, which is always fun)

Oh and did I mention everything in life he seems to remember by what happened in the sports world that day.  If you say where were you on April 10,1998 he will recall the exact events of the day by what game was on that day. Seriously. 

So I'm glad he got acknowledged on ESPN's website today, not only for his hard work but because I know how happy such things make him.  And honestly he really puts in a lot of effort and time into running this website of his. (now if only I convince him to put that kind of effort into all areas of his life) 

Seriously though he is doing something he loves, that in itself is great and I hope it turns into everything he dreams.

While we are on the topic of my man, here are some tidbits about him that relate to us.

1. The idea of blogging came from a conversation with him.  I used to write in a journal, a few times he made comments about feeling it was unfair to write things in there about him I could not share with him.  And I would explain to him that is what a journal is all about.  Then one day I came across an article about blogging, it intrigued me so I started writing, and it turned into a journal for me.

2. Which brings me to why I call him my man.  He didn't like the idea of me talking about him, then I explained would he rather me go back to my journals or him be able to read my thoughts?  He didn't prefer either, yet I think blogging made him feel he could at least read it.(but then I thought mentioning his name all the time might be too personal for him) Yet at this age and for the amount of time we have been together boyfriend seemed redundant, partner didn't sound right, guy made him sound too young, hence I decided I'd refer to him as my man. haha

3.  I love sports too. Though I don't necessarily need to miss out on other fun activities in life just to stay home and watch a game. (unless of course it is a playoff or big rivalry)  In fact, I even pick what games I believe will win.  He bases his picks on logical,stats,models, etc., and I base mine on pure intuition.  And one of my favorite things to do is golf with him.  I've always loved to golf, and I love it even more when we golf together.

So there you have it, a little insight into our world.   That's all for now though as he is already probably rolling his eyes that this much has been written about him. haha

Congratulations to the man.  May this be only the beginning of your success. 

P.S. And hopefully with that success you will surprise us along the way with a new king mattress. ; )

Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Musings

Today my Monday Musings are inspired by KS, who writes a beautiful blog called "While We're Waiting".

Her words today really touched my heart, and left me wanting to pass along her kindness and love.

You see she asked others to pray today, or in her words "wish on a star, or cross your fingers, or ask the cosmos to align just the right way. Do whatever it is you do when the world just isn’t as it should be."  Beautifully written by her.

I have to admit I'm not the most religious person, and definitely through the valleys of life have had my doubts, and questioned just about everything.  But it is through the valleys, and/or rough patches in life that I have found and continue to find a deeper spiritual awareness. And I believe there is power in prayer.

What if everyone prayed each day, not only for themselves, their families, loved ones, etc, but for others they don't know?  And like KS said it doesn't even need to be a prayer, just send some positive thoughts, or wish on a star.

Do such prayers and positive energy,/thoughts, feelings have a profound effect on our world?  While I think no one can answer that for sure....there has been more and more evidence over the years to say it does.  No one can make another believe, but then again it can't hurt to pray right?

So today pass the kindness along.  Inspire.  Love.  Hope.  Have faith.  And most of all....Pray for those you know and those you don't.  Even if you aren't religious or spiritual, even if you are the biggest doubter, pessimist, or whatever....just try it.  Pray. Wish.

There are many people, and many things in life that could benefit from a prayer.  Pray for those who are sick. Pray for those who are struggling.  Pray for those who are alone.  Pray for those who have lost their way.  Pray for those with addictions and other unhealthly habits. Pray for those who are jobless, homeless, and can't feed their families.  Pray for people to use good judgement. Pray for peace. Pray for a safer world. Pray for goodness. Pray for our world to be filled with more kindness, compassion, honesty, loyalty, and love.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Random Thought Friday

- The weather is perfect.  Although I prefer warm weather, this summers heat and humidity have been unbearable so the cooler temps feel so refreshing.

- Huge game this weekend.  Penn State vs Alabama.  Just about everyone I know is telling me Penn State doesn't stand a chance.  We'll I just cannot listen to that nonsense.  And yes I know the reality is it is going to be a real tough match up, and the odds seem to appear against us but you never know.  So....Let's Go Penn State!!!!

- Yes there are officially 3 weeks left until we move but the obsessed organizer that I am is wondering if I should start packing or at least start buying packing supplies now?

- Twilight....watched the movie for the first time and was happily surprised.  I enjoyed it and look forward to catching up on the following sequels.  Of course I am a sucker for love stories, and this is an interesting version of a love story.  The adoring, protective, consuming love of Edward toward Bella is romantic.

- Was happy when Britney was eliminated from Big Brother.  I've said it before but I don't care for people who talk negatively and are unkind to others.  Surprisingly enough the three guys left on the show actually seem like nice, decent human beings.

-  Heard this morning that cotton has become a commodity its prices are on the rise.  They were telling people to stock up on cotton essentials.  Really?

- Wonder how and why some people seem to be pathological liars. Is it learned or are they born that way?  Some people lie about the stupidest of things.  And as one of my favorite quotes states, truth fears no questions. 

- Wishes my niece lived down the street so we could hang out more often.  She is so much fun to be around.

- Is in need of a recipe that involves chicken and rice for this evenings dinner. Anyone got any favorites they would like to share?

- Well I'm off to bath the doggie, clean the house, and then we will see what happens from there.

As you can see my little on isn't fond of baths but due to her skin issues we have to bath her 2-3 times a week at the moment.....usually it is only once a week.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

America's Got Talent

Never in all my watching of reality tv have I seen a better season of any show.  America's Got Talent has simply amazing acts this season.  Many of which deserve not only their own Vegas show but to be on Broadway or to have their own album.  I really cannot say enough about the talent on the show this season.

The variety of the talent is what makes it even more exciting and fun to watch.   There is Michael Grasso a magician, and Jeremy Vanschoonhoven a stunt cyclist who seem to wow the audience and keep them on the edge of their seats with every performance. 

Then there are Anna Kaczmarski and Patryk Ploszay, and Studio One Young Beast Society dancers who seem to remind us that good dancing.....really good dancing can be captivating.

Of course let's not forget the singers Taylor Mathews and Michael Grimm who each have a distinct sound all their own, enough so to sell a record or two.

Then there is Prince Poppycock.  Hard to put his talent into words but lets just say he is a one man Broadway show.  His voice and the creativity he puts into this act are worthy of Broadway.  In fact, more entertaining than many of the shows already out there.

And my two favorites.  For which I have provided video clips, seriously take a moment to watch these.

Fighting Gravity is a group of college students with no formal dance training or anything of the such who put together this incredibly glow in the dark show.  As it is performed now it could easily be a Vegas show.  If you can find more clips of it online I advise watching all their performances because the act gets more detailed and harder each week they advanced on the show. 

Fighting Gravity

And Jackie Evancho there are no words to describe her performance.  Her voice is not only beautiful but stunning.  To listen to her sing, to watch her perform you begin to believe that Angels on earth really do exist. As Sharon Osbourne said her life will never be the same and it will take her to many beautiful places. She is beyond a Vegas act, she needs a record contract asap.

Jackie Evancho

To have to decide between any of these acts is near impossible.  Everyone of them brings a different kind of beauty and talent to the stage.  They all deserve to win.

That is the hardest part of shows such as this, when there is so much talent and yet only one prize.  Tonight's show is going to be real hard to watch, and I will feel sad for the 6 acts that don't advance. 

I hope there are some talent agents watching this season because these acts, these people should all be doing what they love for a living.  They deserve to make their living doing the gifts and talents they have been given.

It is nice to see a reality show in which real acts and talents are showcased.  One that allows us for a moment to forget our everyday lives, to become transformed and mesmerized by such amazing performances.

And if you want to check the other acts I mentioned.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

"If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it.  Even if I may not have it at the beginning. "

So this quote popped up on my little desk top calendar this morning, it seems perfectly intune to what I was thinking this morning.  And that would we have the power to change not only our own lives but the lives of others around us just by how we think?

This goes way back to pioneers like Norman Vincent Peale who wrote the best seller "The Power Of Positive Thinking", he truly believed we can change our lives by changing our mental attitudes.  And I have to admit many a day I have pondered this thought.

Can our attitudes really alter our lives and the lives around us.

Think about though, it makes sense.  Even in everyday life, say one doesn't want to do something and all they can focus on is the negative than the end result of that experience will most likely be an unpleasant experience.

 But what if one instead tried to focus on the positive of the situation, find little things that might be good about it, would that not make for a more positive experience....does that not have the potential to even make it something that might turn out to be more fun then anticipated all because one changed how they thought about it? 

I think the theory behind it sounds great but putting it into play is the hardest part.  It is like the half glass full/empty view....basically choosing optimism over pessimism.  Yes much easier said than done.  But what if every negative thought that arose in our minds we were able to replace with a positive?

Sure sometimes life can be annoying but maybe more times than not it is us who makes it annoying by our own thoughts. Life is short there is no doubt about that.  We are each only given so much time here.  So why is it in our society do we spend so much time focusing on the negative instead of the positive?

For example, imagine if you went to work today and all your boss focused on was the positive?  Imagine if coworkers were all pleasant and nice to one another with no gossiping or office politics?  Would that not make each of our work experiences more positive and would people then not want to give more of themselves?

What if when you came home today your partnered showered you with compliments, with love and concentrated solely on your happiness?   Would that not change your attitude, and how you treated them and then others?

Problem is that probably isn't going to happen.  So it is up to us to change how we think.  To be more positive and hope that our shift in attitude will eventually rub off on those around us.  Just believing anything is possible can change not only our own lives but those around us as well.  Heck it can change the world. 

I really want to believe that it is possible.

 I'm a doubter of some sorts maybe I was born that way or maybe life has shaped me that way but sometimes doubt is just an annoying negativity that gets in the way also.   That is why having faith and hope are so much more important.  We aren't ever going to know all the answers to life but I can't help but think that thinking more positive and changing our own attitudes can't hurt right?

They say what you give is what you get.  For many of us that doesn't always feel true but the only way to change the pessimism, the negativity is to sometimes keep giving, keep being positive and hope that not only will it change our own lives but positively affect those around us. 

I'm no guru of any sorts I'm just tired of how our society seems to focus on the negative, the self, the superificial, etc, to the point that many of us miss what is really important in life.

Today change a negative thought, change a long held belief.  Focus on changing the negative into the positive.  Remember we all have the power to change our beliefs, to change our thoughts, and sometimes in life that is all it takes.

Just something to think about.

{while on a drive to d.c. last summer we happened upon this rainbow}

Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday Musings

Happy Labor Day!  Yeah it's Monday and for a change it feels great knowing everyone is home and relaxing today.

 Again, and again I will always question who invented the two day weekend?  Seriously, aren't we always reading how we need to remove the stress from our lives and find ways to relax....well hello....then at least give us three day weekends.  One would think companies would be game because they would save on operation costs, no? 

Anyway, hope your enjoying this holiday weekend.  Saturday we spent the day watching college football. Yesterday did a little mini golfing which I love.  Perfect weather here in Philadelphia. Low 80's and no humidity.  Our evening turned into a little drama though because the man decided to cook crab legs, and ended up with a toothache that basically left him on the DL for the rest of the evening.  So much for my night of planned romance.....

I swear whenever I even think romance he seems to somehow come down with a physical ailment....headache, backache, stomach rumblings, and the dreaded toothache.  Roles in our household seemed slightly reveresed with societys standards.  Isn't it the woman that usually has all the excuses? haha

In all the age of 34 he has a lot of overall pain issues actually, and he has been battling serious tooth problems for awhile now.  And when he finally got insurance he found out he needed referrals for the serious stuff like root canals and bridges.  His first choice of dentists never called him back, even though he left a ton of messages, so that wasted a few weeks.  His second choice did and he missed his 7:50 appt, so he can't blame anyone but himself on that one.  I love my man but he is a procrastinator!

Did I mention procrastination drives me nuts? haha   I try to help him out now by giving him lists, that way it is concisely written down for him.  Even the lists don't always work though, months later it still has not been resolved. His finances tend to bare the brunt and be put on the backburner the most. But of course he has no problem spending his money, just keeping track of it.  And that new mattress set promised over a yr ago has still never come to fruitation.(that still upsets me)  So......

My new motto around here is going to be "Just Do It".  Hey, it worked for Nike right? 

Seriously....isn't the best way to get something done to "Just Do It".  Then it doesn't fester or become a thorn in ones side.  I need to get him motivated, also to make and stand by commitments.  The only thing in life that ever seems to motivate and commit him is sports, and that isn't bad because I love sports.  But motivation and commitment in other areas would be really nice too.  I wasn't always the best at this either but through a lot of hard work and determination I worked on it.

But for now the new motto will have to wait until tomorrow.  The plan for this Monday is to relax.  Imagine that.  I love holiday weekends.

By the way did I mention Penn State won their first game.  Next up....Alabama!


Oh in searching for photos to go with the slogan I have to tell you, some interesting images popped up.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Let's Go Penn State

Yes it is finally here.  College football has begun.  And the weather on the east coast has cooled off just in time.  Temps around 80, with a nice breeze. 

As you can tell by the title....I am a true blue Penn State fan!  Is there any better coach than Joe Pa?  I love the guy.  And for the first time in Joe Pa's reign he is starting a true freshman at quarterback. 

Ahhhh.....gotta love Fall. We are Penn State.

In our household there is quite a rivalry in sports.  You see we don't agree on any team.  Let me lay if out for you.

My teams:  Penn State, Eagles, Falcons, Flyers,Sixers, Phillies (although I have always liked Tebow so I will be following the Broncos closely)  Honestly, I follow a few NFL teams because there are certain players I really like and want to do well.  And I wasn't happy when the Eagles signed Vick.

My mans teams: Michigan, Broncos, Rangers, Suns, Giants.

And we actually create spreadsheets with all the games for the NFL season, and we pick who we like.  Then at the end of the season we see who has the most wins.  It is so much fun because we actually pick the games before the season starts.  And so each week we each have a little investment in each game makes it even more fun to watch!

We happen to wager on a lot of sporting events, even golf.  And our records are pretty even. 

Anyway, to all those football fans out there....let the season begin and may the best team win. 

Let's go Penn State!!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


"Fatih is the daring of the soul to go farther than it can see."

Wow not sure any quote could say it better.  We are making some big changes in our world right now.  And at this point, relying on faith in a way we never have before.  We won't know if the changes we are making th are good or bad decisions until we live them.  We know what we have now, but we are risking it to explore creating a better world for us and Angel.

And I won't lie it feels rather scary.  Of course the unknown is always scary and sometimes change is good.  As the saying goes "you cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore."
We put this decision in God's hands really.  We felt that whatever decision we received back would be a sign as to what we should do. 

So what is the risky decision?   We decided to relocate to a new area, and new home.  There are no guarantees that come with our new home.  We will be renting it for a year from a couple who wants to save for their wedding.  We are praying that if we are happy there they will let us stay longer but again no guarantees.

 So it feels risky because my man doesn't have the best credit right now, and finding places can be very difficult.  So when we got the yes from them we decided it was a sign to move. We just hope that it works out in the long run. 

We love the inside of the 1st floor of the house we rent right now, who wouldn't it is newly renovated which is extrememly hard to give up.  But for all the pros there were major cons....basement that floods for which the water was never pumped out nor even ventilated, now mold is starting to grow.  The house has no water spouts so rain just drains into house.

And did I mention if the two apts above take poops we can smell it in the basement, and walls in our office room.  Landlords knew about all of this but never did any thing.  They don't care that their basement floods, and they leave the water to dry on it's own.

Oh and the upstairs lady whos tv is so loud that you can hear it outside in the driveway when her windows are shut and ac on.  So you can only imagine what that sounded like to us at midnight when we were trying to sleep. And quite frankly a neighborhood that was so so. Many love living on the Main Line area of Philadelphia but I don't find much appealing about it to be honest.

So we had to do something.  And when this place came along we decided to take the chance.  It is a little more money, and a little farther commute into the city for my man but hopefully it works out. And did I mention it is a cute, little cottage house?  No photos to post yet because we don't move in until October.

Anyway.... I'm praying real hard these days.  And praying for faith to trust in what we can't always know or see.

I think there is a spiritual aspect of life that has gone missing in my life for a while now, and it's time to somehow bring that more into focus. I am one of those people who doubts man walked on the moon,  and will never understand why there is so much suffering in the world.  So for me I feel I need to start believing something bigger. And so I'm trying to learn to have faith. To have hope.  To believe that maybe just maybe there is a larger force than ourselves guiding us.

{these are photos from the house we currently reside in}

  So it looks really nice but below in the basement and in the walls is mold and all kinds of bad things that the landlords don't address. So like the saying goes don't always judge a book by it's cover because in this case you never know what is lurking below.

Anyway, just really hoping it all works out.
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