Friday, August 6, 2010

Reality Tv

In our household if we aren't watching sports, we are watching some type of reality tv.  It's not like we set out to only watch those type programs it just seems those are what we gravitate towards when lounging around at night.   Besides, it seems like most of the tv shows are the same thing....either cop or medical dramas.  We miss the Seinfeld and the Dallas type shows. haha 

And when football starts up that will definitely take center stage.  But I'm guessing we can't be the only ones who tune in each week to reality tv.  

Some of our favorites are Big Brother, Dog The Bounty Hunter, America's Got Talent, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Jersey Shore, Jerseylicious, Pawn Stars, and Bear Gryls Man vs Wild.  I'm sure there might be a few others as well. 

I'm not even sure what the appeal is to them.  Maybe knowing it's real people, in real situations puts a different perspective on watching it?  Not sure because how real are these reality shows to begin with? 

There has always been rumors that many of staged or scripted.  And The Hills definitely appeared like that on many an episode.  But shows like Amazing Race and Big Brother not so much as it is hard to script that type of show right? 

Big Brother started up a few weeks ago (a show my man has tried out for twice now) and he is determined to keep trying out until he makes it.  If it wasn't my mans favorite show I would have never even tuned into this show but he loves it and somehow got me into watching it! haha  But truth be told I would not want to see him on it because the show requires 3 months of absolutely no outside communication, and pretty much sitting around half naked all day. haha 

Anyway, did anyone see last nights episode?  Who are your favorites and least favorites this season?  

So far my favorite is Brendon, he is very easy on the eyes and he seems like a sweetheart.  Least favorite are the caddy girls like Britney and Monique....I don't like caddiness of any sort.  Or people who make quick judgements about others before getting to know them.  And I didn't like Kristen because she came on the show hooked up with one of the guys when all along at home she has a boyfriend.  What are people thinking when they do such stuff, especially with their families, loved ones, and millions of viewers watching.

Back in the day I actually tried out for mtv's real world.  Really don't know what I was thinking at the time.  If I had my choice of any of them now, think I would do Amazing Race because you get to travel the world.  Plus at least on that show you get to partner up with one other person whether it be your mate, friend or family. And the prize of a million dollars is a nice incentive.

What are your favorite reality shows?  And would you ever think of trying out for one?

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  1. It's only been a couple of weeks since our journey began but we are so over the moon excited! I just wanted to drop in and invite you along for the ride - either you're a follower of my OTHER blog or just a sweet person I'd love to come along!

    Hopefully, the secrecy won't last long...

    Much love, luck, and blessings!!

    The *Maybe* Baby Mama


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