Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Perils Of Modern Communication

As a society it seems that we have become unbelievably dependent upon electronic communication.  Does it not seem like texts and emails often times take the place of good old fashioned phone calls or face to face conversations? 

Have they really become our primary ways of communicating with one another?  Oh I know emails and/or texts are quick, for many easier to deal with on a daily basis, and that they avoid getting stuck in lengthy phone conversations but.....

Is it me, or do these methods of communication often times seem impersonal at times?  And at times rather isolating?  Plus, does anyone ever get tired of being able to be reached 24/7?  Think about it there are no excuses....can't tell friends,work, etc, that you can't be reached because they see the cell phone basically attached to most peoples side.

When cell phones first came out it seemed like everyone was talking every where, but I've noticed lately texting and emailing are quickly replacing the basic phone call. Oh and talking every where probably wasn't great either but at least it was more personal.  Although, I highly suggest when making a phone call you do it some place private as to not annoy those around you.  ; )

Have you ever been hanging out with someone and their phone starts vibrating and/or beeping alerting them of texts.  And in the middle of conversation or whatever you are doing with them they sit there and hold a whole other conversation via text with someone else. I've even seen people text while in work meetings. Call me old fashioned but I don't think that is okay or proper.  And especially not while driving!

And in the process of texting on their phones they become oblivious to their surroundings and the moment at hand.  Not to mention laughing or smiling at something on your phone screen can make the person or people your with feel completely left out.  Think about it, if your hanging out with friends chatting you don't suddenly turn your back and exclude one friend from the conversation right?  But texting has a way of feeling like that.

It's not only that, texting and emailing take the feeling away from a conversation.  And they open the door for many a miscommunication because how one writes, can be misinterpreted by the reader.   Plus, it can take forever to exchange emails/texts back and forth with details that a phone conversation could get across in mere minutes.

Oh and let's not forget there are those situations where if you don't respond to an email or text immediately the sender of the text thinks you are ignoring them, when in reality you may not have even read the text yet or you are in the middle of doing something that doesn't allow you to respond at the moment. 

No doubt the technology that has been created is pretty impressive, but no doubt it is taking the personal interaction out of our lives too.  And sometimes creating more stress than is necessary in our lives. 

Oh who knows maybe it sounds completely old fashioned to say but I miss the days before cells phones and computers ruled the world. Life just seemed simpler and safer. 

In my own life I'm constantly asking my man to call me instead of texting. Him and his friends constantly text each other.  He even texts while driving which really scares me.  But back to the original thought, he doesn't get that a few words on a screen just don't mean as much, or even convey as much as a real phone conversation.  I want to hear a voice on the other line with real emotional inflection when one speaks. 

I want to hear a real laugh, instead of reading lol.  I want to hear the details of his day, not the shortened cliff note version that can fit on a phone screen. And I'd much rather hear words like I love you from someones voice than read it on a screen.  I used him as an example but that goes for other friends and people close to me as well.  

Nope emails and texts are just not the same.  Don't get be wrong they are enjoyable and fun to read.  And very useful at times.  But just not the same as a call.

Honestly I find myself actually craving real conversation these days because I'm tired of the impersonal feel of emails and texts.  I was never a huge phone person but lately I'd prefer the method over texting.

Ah yes the perils of modern communication....

Just think about it and next time you are tempted to send an e-mail or text message stop. Think about what you have to say, and maybe try getting back to the basics....make a phone call, or better yet ask to talk face to face. 

{the old rotatory phone before touch tone was invented}

{the new modern phone, forget touch tone now we have touch screens}

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