Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Musings

So you know that Mondays I always like to start of by wishing it wasn't Monday.   And it's funny because I thought during this time off that I might feel differently about Mondays but not so much. 

I think that is because even if you are home the day is still a let down because all your loved ones go back to work or their daily routines.  It still remains one of those days where you wake up and think....the weekend is over already?  I know I always say this but who invented the 5 day work week with only 2 days off for weekend?

Yesterday I got a nice treat, my man went to the store to pick up a few things and in the process picked up flowers for me!  Can you imagine my surprise when he walked through the door with red mini carnations, yellow daisies, and green pom poms? 

They are gorgeous and made for a gorgeous bouquet. And I was even more excited that he took the time to pick out each type of flower, instead of buying a premade bonquet.  It was very thoughtful of him.  In fact, it has even brightened my Monday! 

It could not have come at a better time because you know lately I have been feeling down about the job prospects, and a little unappreciated. So this little gift of his warmed my heart.

Overall it was a delightful weekend.  For the first time in months the weather was cool, and I got treated to a date night of chip n putt.  Which if you know me is one of my favorite things to do, especially in the summer.  Honestly just being treated to a date night is special in my book, I was very excited!

I love those moments where time is spend together with no outside distractions. No cell phones, tvs or computers....let's face it those things just get in the way of good conversations and enjoying the moment.  So again that was an added plus, that made it even more fun! (wait....I'm starting to wish every weekend was like this one now) haha

When you live together for awhile date nights become less because hanging at home is just easier and becomes routine.  Plus, it just seems like everything gets split more like roommates.  So for me when my man offers to take me out, pick up the tab, and do something fun.....well I always feel elated and grateful!   I don't know if my man even realizes how much I appreciate those moments, and not sure if he is up to date on my blog but if you happen to read this....

Thank you!   It means the world to me when you do those little things.

Anyway, it is Monday and that means back to the job search.  Today though I think I'm going to do a little painting too because my creative energy has been taking a back seat for too long now.  Oh and I'm going to make some more homemade lemonade. I found the best recipe, it is simple and tastes great.  In fact, I'll share it this week so that you can enjoy it too.

 Hope you all had a great weekend, and try to enjoy this Monday just think it is one day closer to Friday.  ; )

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