Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Heat Is Back

So the start of college football is only a few days away, and tomorrow begins September with Fall quickly approaching yet in Philadelphia it feels more like the beginning of summer.  Remember that song by Glen Frey "The Heat Is On", well it might not have been written about weather but it would make a great theme song for our summer.

Temperatures are expected to soar to 98.  This has basically been the weather pattern for the whole summer season here on the east coast.  Hot and humid.  In fact, I don't recall a hotter summer in Philadelphia, supposedly the heat is breaking all kinds of records.

I wonder could it be this so called greenhouse effect that is causing such a hot summer?  Supposedly they say the greenhouse effect causes cold winters and hot summers.  Well so far this year we have had both.  Which is kind of scary.  As a kid growing up the weather was never like this.  Occasionally we would get a few hot days here and there but nothing like this. 

Anyway, I think it's about time I learned more and took a more active role in supporting environmental causes.  Even if this weather isn't caused by the so called greenhouse effect, the air warnings that are posted here remind me of how much work there is still to be done in eliminating toxins in our world. 

But where does one even start.  I'm an avid gardener, and I know plantings lots of trees, shrubs, and flowers helps to absorb toxins in the air.  And we need to become better with recycling in our household.  I'd like to find less toxic cleaning products as well.  Are there really non toxic cleaning products that still have the power to eliminate harmful bacteria and germs?

I wonder what other steps can we can take to make the world a cleaner place.  Anyone have any suggestions?  Or know of any really great organizations or charities that are involved in cleaning up or helping the environment?

Not exactly what I planned on blogging about today but sitting here in this very hot room really has me wondering about such stuff....

{found this great illustration on msu website}


Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Musings

Wow it's already Monday again.  Seriously someone tell me, why do the weekends seem to go by so fast.

My weekend was filled with lots of the unexpected.  As I previously mentioned my man had to go home to visit family.  So my mother decided to come over to visit me.  And what a nice day it was.

We went to lunch at one of our favorite places....Olive Garden.  We normally just get the soup/salad combination which makes for a delicious lunch.  Although this time we decided to add the new chicken, garlic, roasted pepper flat bread as an appetizer. We were surprised as it was delicious.

We usually have fun when we spend time together. I like that we share the same sense of humor, so we can find good laughs in just about anything.  Things that most people just won't find funny.  And whenever her and I get together some kind of adventure always seems to ensue.  We did a little shopping at Target well more like browsing.  And then stopped by the bookstore to pick up some books for my little niece.

When she went home I felt rather down because the day had been so much fun, and I wasn't looking forward to spending the night alone.  I'm not too fond of staying here alone at night without the man.  We have a first floor so leaving windows open while I sleep always makes me rather nervous. 

Anyway, he returned Sunday and we were all excited to see each other.  Spend the day watching golf and basically just cuddling.  But you know we all need those kinds of days.  Cuddling is a good activity.  Not always easy to convince some to do but none the less it usually makes all parties feel good.

As for today....well I had a job interview.  And it was one of those jobs I could really see myself liking. But I don't even want to discuss it because I'm afraid to talk about things I really want.  Does anyone else ever feel that way?   Like you would rather not discuss something or mention it until it comes to fruition?

I will say one of the hardest jobs questions is the "so tell me about yourself" just because it feels so open ended.  And also the "where do you see yourself in five years or what would you like to be doing in five years".

So for now I simply just need to chill out for a little.

I've decided to make a conscious effort to meditate each day.  Even if it is just 10 minutes.  In fact I'm going to try to incorporate prayer into that moment as well.  That is if I can manage to tune out the loud lady above. haha  I have some meditation, relaxing music that I will play to try to muffle the background noises.  Usually light a candle and imagine I'm on the beach.

Has anyone ever tried meditation?  What did you think?

Enjoy your Monday and don't work too hard! 

{photo I took while on a beach near Tampa}

Saturday, August 28, 2010


So today I have felt a bit hurt. And I'm curious how others might handle this.....

Let me fill you in.  My mans mother is in the hospital again, this time they have found fluid around her heart.  For those of you who don't know she had a pacemaker inserted a little over a month ago. Recently she came down with what they thought was broncitis but turns out it was fluid around the heart.  So upon further testing they also found a tumor on her lung but won't know details regarding that until next week.

So I was very upset to learn this.  I mean I've been with him long enough to consider his family my family and vice versa.  And my family considers him family.  And anything that happens to his family I take just as seriously and as hard.  Plus, I know how upset he is over this.  And since he isn't a big talker, especially when he gets upset, the only thing I can do is be by his side for support.

Well upon learning the news my man said he would go up there this weekend.  Which of course I expected.  But what was not expected was this.  He told his mother he would be coming up to visit her.  She says okay but told him she didn't want me coming because she didn't want me seeing their house messy while she was in the hospital. And didn't want me seeing her in the hospital either. (even though his sisters boyfriend of one year has visited her in the hospital)

Honestly I was really hurt by that comment, and I explained to him why.  She isn't having a bunion removed this is very, very serious and I just really think I should be there for her, and for him. 

We stayed at the house last time she was in the hospital and because it was an emergency she had no time to clean the house. The house didn't look any different than any other time. And even that time she would not let me visit her in the hospital.

Neither him nor I would ever judge someones house nor appearance, especially family.  And after all this time it should not even be a factor.  Families see each other at their worst moments and love their family no matter what.  That is what makes family special. 

She has been in the hospital all week, so I figured I would go up there take her flowers in the hospital.  Then if she wanted I would clean the house for her, do food shopping if she needed, help his sister,basically whatever they needed help with.  It is only his sister and mother who live together, as his father remarried.  And the sister has her own health issues so figured she might need some help too. 

We dealt with this same issue at Easter once too when she was redoing one of her rooms and didn't want me to come for the holiday. He has tried to talk to her but she doesn't budge. In fact, they even had a period of 6 months where neither one would talk to the other.

 She tells him all the time she loves me, considers me family, but yet when big things arise she seems to exclude me.  In this case I'm very upset because I feel I should be there not only to see and help her, but to support my man who is taking this very hard. 

After visiting his mother in the hospital his sister goes out with her boyfriend until the wee hours of the morning, so they barely see each other while he is there.  And that leaves him to just sit alone and have to deal with it all. 

I don't know as my family deals with things in a completely different manner, and they are always there to make sure no one has to be alone or deal with anything alone.  So in this case I just have a hard time understanding why his mother during such a serious health ordeal would want him to have to drive the distance and deal with everything alone.  During times like these all family members need some kind of support.

So here is my question how would you handle such a situation?  Is it wrong to feel hurt?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What A Process

So today I had a job interview.  I just applied to this job last week so was rather excited to hear back from them so soon.  But I must say the whole finding a job adventure has turned into a much bigger process than I ever imagined.

Honestly at times I find it completely overwhelming.  Let me explain.  Everyday I set aside time to spend sending out resumes to new job listings, or researching jobs online. Which usually turn into a few hours.  I would say 95% of the resumes feel as if they disappear into cyber space.  And then there are a few here and there I actually get some form of response from.

And from those I do hear from, I hear the same thing over and over.  How within the first day of placing the job listings they are overwhelmed with hundreds of resumes.  To hear that feels downright discouraging at times.  It feels like I'm competing in the Olympics or something for that ultimate medal that only comes around every 4 years.

Two months ago I went through an interviewing process for a big university here, and I was told it was between me and another candidate who the office would anonymously vote on.  If the vote ended in a tie neither of us would get the position, and they would start all over interviewing.  Well you guessed it....I found out by letter that the vote resulted in a tie.  So even though they felt I was a very strong candidate neither of us would be getting an offer because of the tie vote.  Really????? (never heard of that before)  Come to find out from a friend that the position was eventually withdrawn and they never hired anyone.

And the positions I apply for only want the same thing. They want a perfect fit for their companies. The company I interviewed with today informed me they have already had two different people that held the position and neither worked out eventually having to be let go.  There is some pressure involved when you hear comments like that while just in the interviewing process.

Think about it though.  In this case I'm trying to find a job that will be a good fit for my skill set and educational background.   Ideally something that pays well, a job I love, good benefits and nice coworkers.  A position that I can eventually advance in and stay with for many years to come.  That is a lot of ask for right?  But at this point I really want to find a job I can call my home away from home.  Know what I mean?

Yet I know the reality of this bleak economic market, and how hard it is to find a job let alone a job one really loves.  And that is when I start to think this really is a process in itself.  One much bigger and overwhelming than I first anticipated.  Seriously, what a process!

In hindsight I don't think I would study psychology again. Nope I would get a masters in criminal justice,forensics or something of that nature. And I would have been an FBI or DEA agent. Seriously. Unfortunately they have age deadlines so it's too late to go back to school and then try to apply for those positions. Opps sorry went off on a daydreaming tangent there. haha

Seriously if you happen to be in a similar situation drop me a note to tell me what your experiences have been like.  Oh and if you could do anything, or hold any job, what would it be?


Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Musing

This Monday has been a hectic one. And I have a lot of thoughts today but just not enough time to write them down. 

It has cooled down significantly on the east coast.  We have gone from the high 90's to low 80's.  Many of our nights it has been 85 so 65 is reason to celebrate.  It feels so refreshing and reminds me of football weather.  Which by the way is only 2 weeks away.  Yeah can't wait for college football to kick off!

But for now I'm in the process of cooking dinner which by the way smells very good.  Hoping it tastes as good as it smells. Chicken dipped in ranch dressing then covered in bread crumbs, roasted potatoes and honey glazed carrots! 

Still thinking that weekends go by too quickly, that even nights go by too quickly.  Oh heck any time spent with the ones you love goes by quickly.  It's Monday and I say bring on Friday. 

I'll write something much more interesting tomorrow. 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Perils Of Modern Communication

As a society it seems that we have become unbelievably dependent upon electronic communication.  Does it not seem like texts and emails often times take the place of good old fashioned phone calls or face to face conversations? 

Have they really become our primary ways of communicating with one another?  Oh I know emails and/or texts are quick, for many easier to deal with on a daily basis, and that they avoid getting stuck in lengthy phone conversations but.....

Is it me, or do these methods of communication often times seem impersonal at times?  And at times rather isolating?  Plus, does anyone ever get tired of being able to be reached 24/7?  Think about it there are no excuses....can't tell friends,work, etc, that you can't be reached because they see the cell phone basically attached to most peoples side.

When cell phones first came out it seemed like everyone was talking every where, but I've noticed lately texting and emailing are quickly replacing the basic phone call. Oh and talking every where probably wasn't great either but at least it was more personal.  Although, I highly suggest when making a phone call you do it some place private as to not annoy those around you.  ; )

Have you ever been hanging out with someone and their phone starts vibrating and/or beeping alerting them of texts.  And in the middle of conversation or whatever you are doing with them they sit there and hold a whole other conversation via text with someone else. I've even seen people text while in work meetings. Call me old fashioned but I don't think that is okay or proper.  And especially not while driving!

And in the process of texting on their phones they become oblivious to their surroundings and the moment at hand.  Not to mention laughing or smiling at something on your phone screen can make the person or people your with feel completely left out.  Think about it, if your hanging out with friends chatting you don't suddenly turn your back and exclude one friend from the conversation right?  But texting has a way of feeling like that.

It's not only that, texting and emailing take the feeling away from a conversation.  And they open the door for many a miscommunication because how one writes, can be misinterpreted by the reader.   Plus, it can take forever to exchange emails/texts back and forth with details that a phone conversation could get across in mere minutes.

Oh and let's not forget there are those situations where if you don't respond to an email or text immediately the sender of the text thinks you are ignoring them, when in reality you may not have even read the text yet or you are in the middle of doing something that doesn't allow you to respond at the moment. 

No doubt the technology that has been created is pretty impressive, but no doubt it is taking the personal interaction out of our lives too.  And sometimes creating more stress than is necessary in our lives. 

Oh who knows maybe it sounds completely old fashioned to say but I miss the days before cells phones and computers ruled the world. Life just seemed simpler and safer. 

In my own life I'm constantly asking my man to call me instead of texting. Him and his friends constantly text each other.  He even texts while driving which really scares me.  But back to the original thought, he doesn't get that a few words on a screen just don't mean as much, or even convey as much as a real phone conversation.  I want to hear a voice on the other line with real emotional inflection when one speaks. 

I want to hear a real laugh, instead of reading lol.  I want to hear the details of his day, not the shortened cliff note version that can fit on a phone screen. And I'd much rather hear words like I love you from someones voice than read it on a screen.  I used him as an example but that goes for other friends and people close to me as well.  

Nope emails and texts are just not the same.  Don't get be wrong they are enjoyable and fun to read.  And very useful at times.  But just not the same as a call.

Honestly I find myself actually craving real conversation these days because I'm tired of the impersonal feel of emails and texts.  I was never a huge phone person but lately I'd prefer the method over texting.

Ah yes the perils of modern communication....

Just think about it and next time you are tempted to send an e-mail or text message stop. Think about what you have to say, and maybe try getting back to the basics....make a phone call, or better yet ask to talk face to face. 

{the old rotatory phone before touch tone was invented}

{the new modern phone, forget touch tone now we have touch screens}

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's Easy....

It's easy to take for granted
the simple beauties that
surround us....
take time today to feel
the warmth of the sun
on your face,
to smell the flowers
in your path,
to watch with wonder
the butterfly's dance.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Musings

So you know that Mondays I always like to start of by wishing it wasn't Monday.   And it's funny because I thought during this time off that I might feel differently about Mondays but not so much. 

I think that is because even if you are home the day is still a let down because all your loved ones go back to work or their daily routines.  It still remains one of those days where you wake up and think....the weekend is over already?  I know I always say this but who invented the 5 day work week with only 2 days off for weekend?

Yesterday I got a nice treat, my man went to the store to pick up a few things and in the process picked up flowers for me!  Can you imagine my surprise when he walked through the door with red mini carnations, yellow daisies, and green pom poms? 

They are gorgeous and made for a gorgeous bouquet. And I was even more excited that he took the time to pick out each type of flower, instead of buying a premade bonquet.  It was very thoughtful of him.  In fact, it has even brightened my Monday! 

It could not have come at a better time because you know lately I have been feeling down about the job prospects, and a little unappreciated. So this little gift of his warmed my heart.

Overall it was a delightful weekend.  For the first time in months the weather was cool, and I got treated to a date night of chip n putt.  Which if you know me is one of my favorite things to do, especially in the summer.  Honestly just being treated to a date night is special in my book, I was very excited!

I love those moments where time is spend together with no outside distractions. No cell phones, tvs or computers....let's face it those things just get in the way of good conversations and enjoying the moment.  So again that was an added plus, that made it even more fun! (wait....I'm starting to wish every weekend was like this one now) haha

When you live together for awhile date nights become less because hanging at home is just easier and becomes routine.  Plus, it just seems like everything gets split more like roommates.  So for me when my man offers to take me out, pick up the tab, and do something fun.....well I always feel elated and grateful!   I don't know if my man even realizes how much I appreciate those moments, and not sure if he is up to date on my blog but if you happen to read this....

Thank you!   It means the world to me when you do those little things.

Anyway, it is Monday and that means back to the job search.  Today though I think I'm going to do a little painting too because my creative energy has been taking a back seat for too long now.  Oh and I'm going to make some more homemade lemonade. I found the best recipe, it is simple and tastes great.  In fact, I'll share it this week so that you can enjoy it too.

 Hope you all had a great weekend, and try to enjoy this Monday just think it is one day closer to Friday.  ; )

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Kisses kept are wasted;
Love is to be tasted.
There are some you love, I know;
Be not loathe to tell them so.
Lips go dry and eyes grow wet
Waiting to be warmly met.
Keep them not in waiting yet;
Kisses kept are wasted.

Is there anything better than sharing a kiss.  Oh I'm not talking about the greeting kind of kiss you give just anyone.  I mean the kind of kiss between two people who hearts beat for one another.   It could be the gentle, slow kisses filled with tender love.  Or the rough, faster kisses filled with passion.  Doesn't matter a kiss when shared between two people who care deeply about one another is the best thing in the whole world!

My feelings are most couples don't kiss enough.  There should be good morning kisses, good night kisses, and kisses for no reason other then to show ones feelings of love.  A kiss can be a way to communicate your passion, dedication and affection to your partner.

Kisses need not just be foreplay, they can be simply a fun sort of make out session.  Although, that may be hard to convince some men to partake in. ; )

Kisses could and should happen anytime.  What is that saying....make love not war?   


Besides the so called relationship experts say that the enduring, strong relationships in life, are the ones that involve frequent affection toward each other. 

So count yourself lucky stars if your partner or mate enjoys to kiss because not everyone is fond of such forms of affection.  And if you so happen to be the one who doesn't enjoy kissing....do it anyway because you might find the more you do it, the more you enjoy it.  Just give with your heart the rest will follow.

Oh you may drive the type that are not overly touchy, kissy crazy at first, but don't give up.  Let's face it some kisses are not for the faint of heart. haha  Giving kisses is like giving love, eventually it will come back to you.

To kiss is to love, to love is to live.

Give me a kisse, and to that kisse a score;
Then to that twenty, adde a hundred more;
A thousand to that hundred; so kisse on,
To make that thousand up a million;
Treble that million, and when that is done,
Let's kisse afresh, as when we first begun.


To kiss is to love, to love is to live.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Secret Of Happiness

"The secret of happiness is not in doing what one likes but in liking what one has to do.  Some people pursue happiness others create it."

Lately due to having a little more time on my hands and a lot less money I got to feeling down.  Not to mention I started thinking and worrying about everything to the point my mind went in overdrive.

And then I stumbled across this quote that I just love.  Honestly, I do believe it is up to us to create our own happiness.  And to find happiness in our circumstances whatever they may be. 

What other choice do we really have?  We can sulk, give in to those unhappy feelings and hope for better days, or we can create and/or find happiness in our lives right now.  Which I realize is much easier said then done sometimes.

How often do we hear that no one can bring us happiness but ourselves.  Though I do think having a job one loves, having love in ones life, being financially secure, and those such things definitely help.  But I sense the true happiness comes from making peace with life, often times ourselves too.  And journeys like that involve finding joy within ourselves, within the world around us, that don't involve money or material things.

Those might be the hardest things to do but I think they bring a sense of profound enlightenment to the soul.  That way if by chance those other things that help bring happiness suddenly disappear, you will still have a deeper sense of happiness residing in your soul. 

Think of two thing that really makes you happy, one material thing and one non material thing and enjoy whatever they may be today!

I'm going to sit on our patio with my sweet doggie, and enjoy the flowers that are attracting beautiful monarch and swallowtail butterflies.  That is the purest sense of happiness I know.

{a swallowtail on our butterfly bush}

Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Musings

"sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me"

Do you remember that saying as a kid?  I often wondered who came up with it because to me it never made much sense.  It may sound good but the fact is words have the potential to hurt way beyond the physical.   Words once said can stay with one forever. I'm often amazed at the things that come out of people's mouths.

Words once said can never be taken back.  Oh sure one can apologize but the fact of the matter is words stick with people.  And it's like that quote says" I can forgive but I won't forget".   Isn't that the truth?  Because words can way heavily on the heart and soul, in ways we can't even imagine.  Let's face it words are easy to speak but difficult to take back. And they can have lasting effects.

If only the mind had a way of putting itself on pause before it spoke.  Sometimes that is all it takes thinking before one speaks.  But how often do any of us do that, especially when in a heated or emotional moment.   How many times throughout your life have you said something only to wish you could take it back, if not at that exact moment, at least at a later date?

And better yet, how do we instill upon children that words are equally has harming as physical fights.  Verbally bullying is becoming something we are hearing more and more about in the media because of online social networking, and the use rampant use of cell phones.  And some of the stories are proving just how harmful words can be.

How do we get both adults and children to choose their words wisely, to think before they speak, that if they don't have anything nice to say just don't say anything.  I know people must communicate, that open communication is important, but we all need to find a way to communicate with one another that doesn't involve being hurtful, mean, or negative with our word choices.

Because when it comes down to it "sticks and stones may break bones but words can crush the heart and soul."


Friday, August 6, 2010

Reality Tv

In our household if we aren't watching sports, we are watching some type of reality tv.  It's not like we set out to only watch those type programs it just seems those are what we gravitate towards when lounging around at night.   Besides, it seems like most of the tv shows are the same thing....either cop or medical dramas.  We miss the Seinfeld and the Dallas type shows. haha 

And when football starts up that will definitely take center stage.  But I'm guessing we can't be the only ones who tune in each week to reality tv.  

Some of our favorites are Big Brother, Dog The Bounty Hunter, America's Got Talent, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Jersey Shore, Jerseylicious, Pawn Stars, and Bear Gryls Man vs Wild.  I'm sure there might be a few others as well. 

I'm not even sure what the appeal is to them.  Maybe knowing it's real people, in real situations puts a different perspective on watching it?  Not sure because how real are these reality shows to begin with? 

There has always been rumors that many of staged or scripted.  And The Hills definitely appeared like that on many an episode.  But shows like Amazing Race and Big Brother not so much as it is hard to script that type of show right? 

Big Brother started up a few weeks ago (a show my man has tried out for twice now) and he is determined to keep trying out until he makes it.  If it wasn't my mans favorite show I would have never even tuned into this show but he loves it and somehow got me into watching it! haha  But truth be told I would not want to see him on it because the show requires 3 months of absolutely no outside communication, and pretty much sitting around half naked all day. haha 

Anyway, did anyone see last nights episode?  Who are your favorites and least favorites this season?  

So far my favorite is Brendon, he is very easy on the eyes and he seems like a sweetheart.  Least favorite are the caddy girls like Britney and Monique....I don't like caddiness of any sort.  Or people who make quick judgements about others before getting to know them.  And I didn't like Kristen because she came on the show hooked up with one of the guys when all along at home she has a boyfriend.  What are people thinking when they do such stuff, especially with their families, loved ones, and millions of viewers watching.

Back in the day I actually tried out for mtv's real world.  Really don't know what I was thinking at the time.  If I had my choice of any of them now, think I would do Amazing Race because you get to travel the world.  Plus at least on that show you get to partner up with one other person whether it be your mate, friend or family. And the prize of a million dollars is a nice incentive.

What are your favorite reality shows?  And would you ever think of trying out for one?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

If Only Suzie Orman Could Help

That is exactly what I am asking myself this morning.  About two months ago my mans finances took a hit much like a tsunami..  This was the direct result of what I like to call careless spending, abuse of credit cards and not taking responsibility for finances.  Which can really happen to just about anyone.

Anyway, back to the story.  Last month after not paying attention to his bank balances, or keeping track of bills he almost lost his car. And let me tell you his car is his baby, so that set off a whole chain of events.  Those events led to him entrusting his finances to me. 

So you ask what does that mean?   That means that I have scoured through every bill that has been stacked up under his desk.  Let me tell you it was a daunting task.(much of his mail had not been opened)  First step was creating a budget spreadsheet in excel.   Then I set up spread sheets to track monthly bills, and old debt.   I have taken over managing his bank account so that he can somehow get back on track.

But yesterday I seriously had one of those moments where I asked myself "what have I gotten myself into" because even with me helping him his spending habits are not improving quick enough.  Yeah I know it takes time to change ones spending habits, or for that matter any habit.  But the reality of his situation is he needs to save as much as possible.  It is very crucial.

At this point I almost think he should get rid of his atm/debit card because like a credit card they are detrimental in the fact that most don't realize how much they are truly spending.

Fact of the matter is, managing another's finances is not easy because although I can set up budgets, create payment plans, etc, he is ultimately the one that has to take responsibility for his spending habits, the one that has to write the checks, not over spend and live within his means.  Not easy stuff.  Changing and incorporating new spending habits and taking financial responsibility is tough for the best  financial gurus, let alone the rest of us.

Oh let me just add this, he has a mba in corporate finance so I just assumed when I met him that he was going to be the most financially responsible guy I had possibly ever met. I imagined him being some financial guru himself.  And for the record he is very intelligent and a guru in his chosen profession.  The things he can do with numbers, spreadsheets and statistics usually leave me speechless.

I've learned a lot from him, in fact I think he has made me more financially responsible.  And taught me how important it is to create budgets and live within ones means.  To not waste money, or be frivalous with it.  And how scary it can be if you miss just a few credit card payments, between the interest rates and late fees anyone can quickly succumb to debt.

Dealing with personal finances is not fun for anyone really.  And spending is so much easier than saving, even a quick trip to the grocery market quickly adds up. 

A little while back I actually submitted his name to the Oprah show for an episode that Suzie Orman is doing on managing ones finances.  I know they probably get millions of submissions.  I just think it would help him to hear an expert giving him advice because I think in general most people seem to listen more to someone they consider an expert in a certain field, than say a loved one that has a degree in psychology. 

Hey after all this maybe I should go back for a masters in finance! Who knows I could be the next Suzie Orman!   ; )  Or maybe I should try out for The Apprentice.....

In fact, I hear Trumps theme song to The Apprentice.....
Money, money, money.
Some people got to have it, Some people really need it
Listen to me y'all, do things
Do things, don't do bad things with it
You wanna do things, do things
Do things, good things with it.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hope In A Star

Hope is that one single star,
We can always find in a dark and cloudy sky.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday Musings

“The love of a family is life's greatest blessing”

A day spend with my niece, sister, or mother always reminds me of the truth of  this quote.  And today I got to spend the whole day with my sister and niece.  Combine all the great holidays together and that is how I feel when I get to spend a day them.  The day is always filled with laughter, love, happiness, and joy.  Of course there is always a funny moment or two which seems to leave us laughing our butts off.

Like today my dog decided to poo in the middle of my niece watering the flowers.  So my sister goes to get a bag so I can pick it up, and I'm left to make sure no one steps on the poo nuggets she is dropping.  My dog walks around aimlessly as she poos, it is the only way she can get it out. 

Anyway, my sister walked back a lot faster than I was ready for, and before I turned around to say watch out there is some over there....she had stepped in it!  Barefoot I might add.  Well that left us laughing hysterically!  (I know many would be grossed out and maybe we have an odd sense of humor but we laughed)

It is just moments like that which mean so much.  In our family we get each other, the littlest quirkest things can make us laugh when we are together.  And it's something I don't share with many others.  And so over the years I really have come to appreciate my family for who they are, what they mean to me, and those little moments we share together that not many others would understand.

If only people got to spend more time with their families.  Mondays always remind me of how little time we truly get to spend with those we love.  Monday through Friday always seems so filled with work, work and more work.  And by the time everyone is done working there isn't much time left for families. 

Anyway....as far as Mondays well this one was the bestest!
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