Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Pros and Cons Of Being Home

Okay, so I have to admit when I got laid off back in January I was a mix of emotions.  Part of me was happy to be home with my dog (for those of you who don't know she has a ton of health issues) and part of me was very scared to be unemployed in such a very poor economical time in our country.

So months later what are my thoughts?  Well it is still great to be with my dog who needs the extra tlc, doing what I want when I want is nice too, having the time to try out new recipes is fun, being able to catch up on reading is sweet, having the windows open all day enjoying fresh air is amazing, and it's really nice not having to drive in rush hour traffic.

But in other ways it's rather disheartening.  One would think being home would free up time to do all the things one doesn't get to do while working, but the truth is without a steady income there really isn't one much can do anyway. (Any income has to pay the necessities, and when it comes down to it there are way more necessities than one thinks.)

I can't take classes because they cost money, any kind of lesson costs money, even playing a round a golf can pay for a weeks worth of groceries, vacations and road trips....um the cost of gas alone kind of nixes those, and to be quite frank being home all day alone....well it gets lonely.  In all my jobs I used to talk all day, and had constant interaction with people. So I went from one extreme to another.

And it truly is a scary feeling to be without a job in an economy where so many other people are also unemployed. Do you know during a recent interview, the woman informed me within the first day she put up the job posting on the companys website....she received over a 1,000 resumes!

Funny, when working I used to remember thinking....I wish I was home. (don't most of us) But I realize now that unless you are a millionaire or housewife supported by spouse, there is really not much to do at home because past times all involve finances of some sort.  Even making crafts involves buying supplies. 

It's been an interesting experience.  And I know I can't let it get me too down because there are way worse situations to be in, in life. In fact, I'm grateful I have a nice place to be home in.  And hey I have learned that there are a few free things in life, the library, the park, musuems on certain days, and there is always volunteering which is next up on the list.  Oh and some golf places actually offer ladies discount.

I'm sure the pros out weigh the cons for everyone if money wasn't a factor.  I know there's a lot I would do.   In fact, I'd probably be on my 4th Masters degree by now, or I'd be a pro golfer from all the lessons and golf each day I'd play. haha

Overall the best pro about being home?   Spending time with my dog....simply priceless!!!!!

Now if you don't mind I'm going for a walk with the doggie.  ; )

{she just woke up from a nap}


  1. I totally know where you are coming from. In December I graduated with my B.A. and hadn't decided what I wanted to do. So for about four months I was unemployed. Finding a job was so hard but as soon as 1 offer came in 3 others did the same week. It's crazy how life works out but when things are meant to happen they do. For those months I was home, I began to read A Lot, thankfully I had some money from my graduation so I could buy the books. That's when I started my mission to see how many books I could read in a years time and I am still going strong. Maybe something will happen for you that will be an Ah-Ha moment as Opra would say. Anyways your dog is cute and I wish you all the best!

  2. It's definitely hard. I got laid off in September, have been looking for jobs but now I'm just holding off until I start student teaching in a month. I can't believe it's almost been a year already. I did work for Satan's BFF's so it was almost a good thing. Being at home gets super boring, although there's a lot to be done, you lost motivation because you feel kind of worthless. Been there. Done that.

  3. OMG your dog is beyond cute. So glad you get to be with him! The grass is always greener isn't it? Hubby's been out of a job for months and it's been terrifying! Always wished he was home more and now I got my wish! Yes it's nice he can go to soccer and watch Landon but who's paying for it! I need a trust fund!

  4. This is such a thoughtful post... your pup is lucky to have you home :)

    You should stop by my blog... there's some exciting news waiting for you there!! Might not be income, but sounds like this will help you treat yourself to something fun :)

    And send me your email when you get a chance... that's how I will get your prize to you!!!

    Happy Monday!


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