Sunday, July 18, 2010

Heat Waves....

So it is official, Philadelphia is in a heat wave.  In fact, the area hasn't felt this kind of heat in quite sometime. We are talking temps averaging 94 with high humidity everyday.  And right now the weather forecasters don't see any relief in the near future.  (feels like the tropics here) 

I enjoy warm weather, but not high humidity.  That's the one thing that has always kept me from living in Florida.  And dare I say I actually enjoyed all the snowstorms we had this past winter, more so then I enjoy this heat wave we are experiencing?  No, you didn't hear me say that. haha

We went from barely using a/c last summer, to basically running it everday.  And because we are hoping to find a place with central air we didn't want to buy another a/c unit for this place.  But that may change because living, eating, sleeping, in our main room 24/7 is getting old.  The couch is comfy but not as comfy as the bed for sleeping! 

To make matters worse we both think we are coming down with getting colds  His sister had a bad one when we were visiting NY last week, and so it appears we caught it.  It's weird too because the only cold I had in the winter came from her too....they came to visit us over the winter, she had a bad cold, and we both caught it.

Last night we decided to go to the mall, thought it might be a great way to stay cool and do a little window shopping while we were at it.  Normally this time of year we are out golfing but places with a/c are taking priority over outdoor activities for now. 

And I'm sure people reading this who live in the south are probably thinking that we don't know what hot really is.  And your most definitely right! ; )   And in all honesty, you know us northeasters are complaining in January that it is too cold and we wished we lived in Florida. haha

If I had room in the back I would just put in one of those temporary pools.  On days like this I could float in a pool, or ocean all day long without getting bored. haha  If we ever find a house....that is a definite plan!

Anyway, just curious how everyone stays cool in hot you have central air or window units?  What are your favorite things to do, wear, cook, eat,etc., when it is hot outside?

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

The weathermen/women keep posting cactus on the forecast boards here. So I thought it was a fitting photo for today.  Though I'd put the cactus in a greenhouse to give a true feel.

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