Thursday, July 8, 2010


Expect the best,
Not the worst,
And you will attain,
Your heart's desire.

{found this cute house while driving this morning}

Yet another sleepless night, due to the crazy alcoholic woman who lives above.  Who chooses to wander out at 1am, slamming doors, stomping around, and keeping her tv so loud it can be heard above not only our tv, but our a/c on the highest power it can go. 

Last night, after she woek everyone up and wandered off I locked the main door....which when she came home at 2am, left her yelling "cocksuckers" in the hallway.  By the way, did I mention this woman is 58. 

Well her incredibly inconsiderate and scary behavior just leaves me more and more wanting to find a home of our own. 

So now it is time to focus.  Focus on what is truly important, on my dreams and making them a reality.  Need to be more positive, surround myself with positive quotes, inspirational books, happy people, and focus my energy on fulfilling my heart's desires and making those dreams a reality. 

Put positive vibes out into the universe, sort of like all those books such as "The Secret" or "The Power Of Positive Thinking" refer to.

Today universe....I pray we will find a better place to call home, a quiet house, with nice neighbors, safe environment both inside and out, newly renovated like the place we live now, has an area to garden or lounge outside, affordable monthly payments, and most of all a place that feels like home.


  1. Oh my goodness. That's awful! So sorry you have to deal with that. Not fun at all.
    Love that house, I grew up around houses that look like that and love them.

  2. By the way, left you an award over on my blog!

  3. Ugh, what a mess! Stay positive!


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