Friday, June 25, 2010

Powerful Storms In Philly

This morning we are cleaning up after a storm that toppled trees, power lines, and anything in it's path.  The wind in our area was measured at 76 mph, and the hail was compared to golf balls.  At the height of the storm it was scary, between the heavy wind and hail it looked like a monsoon!

And it left us with no power over night, thank heavens it came on this morning because all the food in the freezer was starting to dethaw.  Many of the streets surrounding us are closed due to trees and lines down.  Major traffic lights are out which makes driving a major hazard to navigate.  It really left a mess to clean up.

And after all the mess and destruction the weather hasn't really changed all that much, as they are still saying the hot, humid weather is coming back for the weekend.  I was at least hoping this would cool us off for awhile. 

I remember as a kid being involved in a mini tornado and it was not fun.  In fact, I vividly remember seeing the funnel in the distance heading toward us.... as my sister and I ran toward home losing our flip flops because we were running so fast. 

Since then I've always been a tad scared of storms and the danger they bring with them.  Tornados aren't common in this area of the Northeast but they occur every now and then.  I just cannot imagine living in places that consistently have those kinds of storms.   It must be so scary and down right frustrating.

Anyway...right now there is a breeze coming through the window, of course with the smell of gas from all the leafblowers that people are using to try and clean up outside.  But the hot stuff is arriving back tomorrow with the potential for more stormy weather along the way, and this next round of storms I may just hide under the bed!


  1. I really enjoy storms, as long as it's not too windy, then I start to get pretty freaked out, lol! Glad ya'll are safe!

  2. I wish it would storm here!


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