Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Perfect Days

Perfect days.  I'm sure each of us has an idea of what a perfect day is.

I myself can think of quite a few.  A day at the beach.  A day spent with my family.  A day spent cuddling with my dog.  A winter day frolicking in the snow or simply watching the snow fall.  A summer day spent outside amongst nature.  And well I'm sure I could think of many more perfect day scenarios but let me share yesterdays.

Yesterday was one of those.  Beautiful sunny, summer day spent outside playing golf with my favorite guy.  I would have to say it made for a perfect day.  I know in the past I didn't take in such moments like I should have.  But now....I really try to take it all in.  The moment, the surroundings, the feelings.  I have learned to truly appreciate such days.

Toward the 16 hole, another group joined us.  And the one man said to me "you are lucky that you can both play together", and he went on to say "if my wife played I would not only golf more often but would get to spend more time with her".   And at the moment I had another sense of gratitude.

How many couples are lucky to share the same interests or hobbies.   And I don't know if my man fully appreciates the fact that we have so many interests in common, or that we can golf together such as we do but I appreciate it. 

Our opinions may differ from time to time, so may our philosophical thoughts, and financial ways.  Oh and I'm still working on getting him to leisurely walk a mall ,or even Target, without being in a complete rush to exit. But those things don't change the fact that days spent together can still be perfectly perfect.

And so yesterday while out there on the green I knew that this was one of those perfect days.  

After all the stress I have been feeling lately it just felt so good to be in that moment.  I'm really hoping we can come up with more fun activities and ideas to do this summer because those little moments and things mean so very much.  And can make for such great days.

Did I mention I even had a birdie?  (for those of you who don't golf it is a score on a hole that is one stroke below par or the standard for the hole)  

Here are some photos I took throughout the day.

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  1. Hi there! I'm stopping by - saw you on Courtney @ With Gratitude's blog! I read your about me stuff and we just have a lot in common (dogs, art, reality tv lol...) so I thought I'd say hi! Seems like you've really been able to experience some cool stuff living all over the US!


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