Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Monday Musings

Welcome to Monday....started off by driving Pat to the train station, looks like it could possibly be another week of driving duty given his car is still sitting in a lot somewhere.  Hoping he gets it back very soon. 

Have I mentioned I've been trying to get back in shape?  Wow does it feel like a long road.  I tried to work out pretty much from highschool through my twenties.  Nothing crazy just some mountain biking, walking, a little running, skating and some weights....but it kept me in shape as far as endurance and stamina. 

Besides I had to be becareful because I'm thin or as the charts like to point out underweight.  So losing weight wasn't an option, working out always came with having to eat more for me.  Which included drinking lots of ensure high protein drinks.

Yeah, yeah I know who does that right?   For the most part I was born into a genetically thin family, and combine that with my rather high strung personality at times and it makes it hard to maintain weight. Seriously any kind of stress can cause me to drop lbs quickly.

Anyway, at some point a few years ago I just gave up working out.  It got old, hard to fit in after a long day at work, it felt like I would never put on the weight needed if I used up all my energy on working out.  Plus I got diagnosed with a heart issue, which made me scared to even move.  Combine all that and working out took a major backseat.

So what did I do.  I ate whatever I wanted and instead of working out I tried to do more sendentary activities.  Well I managed to put on 8 lbs., though still have some to go.  But fast forward to present when I suddenly realize how out of shape I have become.  Walking the golf course last summer felt arduous.

So I made a New Year's resolution to get in shape.  I bought a treadmill which I walk three times a week, combined with some situps, and some leg exercises.  Nothing crazy because I'm just trying to start out slow and see how it feels. You definitely won't find me in any crazy spin class or strenous workout of that sort because my workouts have to be more low key in nature.

Well today I decided to add some push ups.  Well I could barely do two bent knee ones before collasping to the ground in serious fits of laughter.   Why laughter you ask because it felt completely hilarious to not be able to do more then two push ups.  Seriously????  I'm really that out of shape?  How did this happen. 

All I know is this.  I'm going to start eating more spinach and leafy green vegetables, increasing my protein, and find within my limited budget some cheap weights because I'm obviously need to focus on strength too! 


  1. I'd be happy to be your online workout buddy! I am in the exact same boat you are in regarding working out/weight gain, etc. I started a blog to hold me accountable and wouldn't you know it? A stressful situation stopped me in my tracks. I'm in the process of "starting over" again. For the umpteenth time!

    Check out craigslist for workout tapes, gear and the like! Or, my BFF, ebay!

    -Stacey : )

  2. Stacey that is a great idea! My next step is to get a set of hand weights. Have you tried any protein shakes?

  3. YAY! I can finally leave comments on your blog! I've been trying for weeks now, and it would never work!

  4. Yeah somehow I checked the wrong thing in the comment section, and it wasn't until a reader emailed me two days ago that I realized no one could leave comments. lol

  5. I'm at the same spot as you. Since I had my little dude, I've worked out very sporadically and I've decided that I need to make an effort to work out very regularly. We can do it!

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