Friday, June 11, 2010

Love Endures....

"Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance."

Love this quote.  As a hopeless romantic I'd like to believe in enduring love, because too often in the news we hear the opposite.  Love seems to have a harder time surviving than it did in our grandparents era.  Not quite sure why that is, I imagine it's a combination of reasons....the throw away mentality, laziness, selfishness, lust, the internet, and maybe sometimes it comes down to simply not understanding what love is.

But when I read a quote like the one inspires. 

Within any love there will always be ups vs downs, agree vs disagree, happy vs unhappy at times, etc.,that's how it is with with everything in life.   Besides love involves two individuals, two unique souls. And somehow through the uniqueness love has to be able to merge those worlds together which really when you think about it, isn't all that easy. So how does love endure?

I happened upon this quote at a good time. As my man made some recent financial decisions that really hurt him and his credit. And may have really hurt our chances of ever getting a house.  He was suppose to be working on improving his finances. So this news came as a surprise, especially when I saw where some of the money had gone.  I felt both anger and sadness at the choices he had made, oh I was hot and to the point I even questioned how he got an MBA in the first place.  Then I came upon the quote.

And it made me think. I realized even though you love someone....their choices are theirs to make and their lessons in life to learn. Seems selfish yet aren't many of our choices selfish.  That is where love really requires a whole new unselfish way of viewing life.

For love to endure it takes understanding that our partners will make choices, decisions, and hold opinions we don't always share nor agree with.  But it also involves our each person learning and understanding how their choices affect not only themselves but those they love. 

It requires finding a way to understand, to help, to compromise, to work on each others strengths and weaknesses together....hopefully grow stronger in the process.  Too often the selfish ego tendencies of the individual can hinder that.

Love asks a means putting aside judgement of the other, to simply love them for who they are. Mistakes and all. It's giving affection and love on those days we don't feel like it, but that our partner needs it.  It means creating and spending quality time together.

Love is really about putting another's happiness before our own. 

Think about it....that is huge.  How many of us are truly capable of that kind of unconditional love?

Yet that is what love is about.  Love is not perfect, it requires loving the imperfections as much as the perfections.  And lets not forget the virtues of honesty, loyalty, kindness and compassion.

And love needs romance. Affection is to relationships, as water is to a flower.  It needs kisses, hugs, snuggling, making love, date nights, cards, and all those other little expressions of romance that make love an intimate bond shared between two people.  It's what distinguishes love from the other relationships in our lives.

For love to endure it requires learning to grow as individuals yet together as well, and to constantly nurture one another.  Yes love requires work, everything in life does.  Especially unselfishness. It's talking, listening, giving support and love during the happy times, and at those very times you just want to walk away and not deal with any of it.  It's about not turning your back ever on the other, no it's about having the others back always.  I think that is how love endures.

Creating that kind of love? Well I'm not exactly sure it's done a fine wine it has to age to reach perfection.  And even then nothing is guaranteed.

Got a little deep today I know, but I have this dream of making the world a better place one step or in this case quote at a time.  And today I'm thinking if love could only endure our world would be a better place.

What do you think about the quote?  What do you think it takes for love to endure?


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  1. Great post Ann Michelle! It's not easy, as I have discovered in the first year and a half of my marriage. I try to live by scripture:

    1 Corinthians 13:4-13

    I am learning, ever so slowly, patience. With my husband and more importantly, with myself. It's so easy to "walk" when in fight or flight mode. It's harder to stay and fight for us.

    I'm not articulating my thoughts clearly. You've inspired me to post! Stay tuned!


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