Thursday, June 3, 2010

East Coast Hot

Yes, I am writing two blogs today.  Partly because I started writing the first one yesterday but never got around to publishing it.  Just realized it was sitting in my saved posts might as well post it.

Let's talk today though!  Now if you remember me mentioning we rent the bottom floor of an old victorian house.  Hence it was never updated with central air.  And today in Philadelphia it's going up into the 90's with high humidity. Yikes!

Since we usually were both working during the days, we never got more then one a/c unit.  When it got too hot, we put it in the bedroom and let the dog stay in there while we went to work.  And we would just hang in there at night until the temps outside went down. 

Well now is a different story.  I'm home all day with no a/c in the areas I am working.  At the moment, I only have a desktop computer which is in our office room.  Yeah don't laugh....I know a desktop is so outdated but I just never got around to buying a laptop because I didn't spent much time on my computer here at home. (I always just used my computer at work)

Anyway....seeing how we are on a very tight budget at the moment there is no buying another a/c unit right now.  Besides, I don't even want to put the bedroom one on yet because I know it will mean a much higher high electric bill.  Oh but what I would do for central air right now. 

Sooooooooo......I'm trying to figure out how me and Angel are going to stay cool.  I've come up with a list of ideas.

1. Cold showers
2. Water Ice or Ice Pops
3. Ceiling fan on high (but again there isn't one in our office room)
4. Take Angel and go hang out in Petsmart 
5. Go to the park, find a shady tree and catch up on some reading
6. Wrap an ice pack on my body
7. Wave my Flyers fan around hoping to create a breeze (they gave them out at the pep rally yesterday)

Well that's just what I've come up with for now.  These are the days I wish I was back living in San Diego, yeah it got hot but we never had this crazy humidity.  And plus there was always a nice ocean breeze.  In fact, never had to use a/c while living out there.

These hot, humid days of the east coast make it hard to do anything when you don't have a/c.   Cooking is crazy because the house gets all heated up, and by the time you are ready to are too hot and sweaty to enjoy it.  haha   Lounging by a pool, surfing, or tubing down the Delaware would be about the only activities suited for this type of weather.  Maybe I should add a pool to my house wish list.   ; )

Btw, we didn't win the 260 million powerball jacketpot last night.  Oh how I was hoping to wake up this morning and go buy a house! 

All righty, I've said enough for today.  If like here, it's hot and humid where you live try to stay cool.  And if it's a perfect temperature where you live....well lucky you.  ; )

Hopefully Rita's has lots of cotton candy water ice today!

That's the Flyers fan that was given out at the pep rally.  (and that is pats desk in the background.  We each have our own sides to the office, each decorated in our own tastes)  That was his idea. haha  As you can tell his is a sports theme.

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