Thursday, June 3, 2010

Awkward Moments

There are moments in life that are just awkard. We encountered one last weekend. (yes I know it's been a crazy week so I'm just now posting about my weekend) haha You see we went to a wedding of a friend of Pat's from college.  It's been over ten years since everyone actually saw each other, the catch was his ex from the early years of college (and her husband)  were also going to be there.  Which we really didn't give much thought to, given it's been so long and everyone has their own families now.

Dispite numerous warnings from a close friend of his, who kept saying it would be very awkward and the ex would act weird, but we didn't give it much thought.  Well his friend was felt very awkward.  In fact, in a few ways I had not imagined.  My man blamed it on her being drunk, but I find it hard to believe the girl was drunk at the very beginning of cocktail hour.  Besides, doesn't drinking making most people more social? 

Guess not in this case, as her behavior and her husband's was rather aloof.  Which was something neither of us anticipated. 

And honestly in the process I found myself thinking what did he see in this girl.  There was something in her attitude or mannerisms that just didn't sit well with me.  Now those were the thoughts I never imagined would crop up, and surprised me.  It was actually surprising because thought for sure we would all get along well but instead they never even acknowledged us.  We barely got a hello. Oh well what can you do.

And it makes me wonder what my man would think of some of my former flames.  And  wonder how they would act.  He'd probably be thinking some of the same thoughts I was. (and he would definitely be thinking why did his short woman date such tall guys because my early boyfriends were all above 6'7) haha

His friend was right.  It was one of those akward moments of life, but we still had a good time talking to all the other old friends, who were friendly and fun so it wasn't that big of a deal.  On a side note, the pork chop that was served was rather pink and has left my stomach feeling not so great this week. Whole other story though.

And although everyone's experience is varied and unique we learned somewhat of a lesson....for the most part don't expect old flames to be friendly. And thinking they can be friends or thinking you can comfortably socialize with them usually just doesn't work or feel right. There is a reason they are considered the past.  People change, they grow, they learn, and they become different they we remember them.  And some people don't change.  But that's the thing we learn from our past, it helps us better understand life, what we want from life, and who we want in our life.  And so that is my little story for today.

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