Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Where To Live

Today I went to look at houses and other apartments to rent.  It was really nice driving through the area I chose today because the roads were lined with beautiful tress, the streets were quiet and not crowded, and it just felt more at home to me.

I feel I have reached my limit with where we live.  When I got back, all I wanted to do was simple errands.  Yet nothing is simple around here.  We live off a main route, which is always busy.  About the only time there isn't serious traffic on it is midnight.  Did I mention we can hear the buses announcing their stops at like 6 am.

Fact of the matter is, we just live too close to the city.  The main street we live off of basically runs from a major highway right into Philadelphia....so it gets alot of traffic.  And people drive way too fast, don't stop at the lights, and overall it is bordering on some not so nice neighborhoods.  We might as well live in the city because it feels like the city.

I love our apartment/house we rent, well everything but the flooding basement which can't be good for a our health because the landlords let the water just sit down there until it drys itself.  But the rest of the place is gorgeous inside, everything new even appliances, big old windows, beautiful old victorian patio!  It's going to be very hard to find a place this pretty inside for the price we pay.

The benefits to living in the busy section we do is the rent is lower.  Then again aren't we wasting money continuously renting.  All our friends own houses and I feel it's time to jump in and be real home owners.   My man isn't exactly your average guy though he really doesn't care if he owns a home or not.  He isn't the handy man type at all, and would not want any parts of working on a house.  He likes the fact that landlords fix things. Anyway....

We even tossed around the idea of moving somewhere warm again, which my man kept talking about until he actually visited Florida.  And well he just didn't like it at all.   I've lived in Cali before and we both kind of agree it's too far from family.  He is from Long Island but prefers Pennsylvania.  I'd prefer living by the beach, but would pretty much live anywhere as long as it was nice, quiet, and not overcrowded. 

So it looks like the search will continue until we can find what we have in a nicer location! 

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