Thursday, May 20, 2010


So my man had to be up very early this morning, and oddly as it sounds the topic of conversation this morning turned to romance.  Specifically I made the mistake of saying "why don't you try being as romantic as your sister".  Silly comment I know but I was trying to make a point that one of them in the family seemed to get all the romantic genes and the other not so much. haha

So he responded with the typical "most men are not romantic" "only a very small percentage of men are".  Something I really don't buy and think is a total cop out by most men, because romance is quite easy it just requires some deeper thinking.   I know quite a few men who have no problems expressing their romantic sides in cards, letters, little gifts, planning romantic getaways, dinners, dates,or other such moments.  Definitely have guy friends that defy the stereo type.

Basically I would say he has an overall pessimistic attitude toward romance or what I like to call the macho dude syndrome. (which we see plenty on tv commercials....for example the guy staring at beer cans,obviously to the candles, flowers and lingerie clad wife waiting for love)  And though we like to paint men like that, I'd like to think that there are more romantics than not out there? Maybe?  ; )

So I'm curious has romance become a lost art?  Are most men or women not romantic?  Yeah somedays it does feel like overall our society has gotten away from the good ole fashion ways of romance such as courting   And we seem to hear about the negative stories more than the positive.  We don't hear about the couples who are still romancing each other after 50 years together, we hear about the weaklings who have no hearts and can't devote their penis to one woman.

Having said that though, I do hear stories from couples who exchange cards, love notes, plan date nights, still enjoy frequent love, and overall make a point to work at maintaining romance.  Which make me feel romance is still quite alive and thriving. But then again that's because those couples put effort and work into creating and maintaining it.  Romance is just like anything else it takes work, practice,love and lots of creativity.

Okay now that I've gone off on a tangent, here upon lies the question....are most people romantic or is it really just a small percentage of people? 
Let's ponder this some more if you don't mind.  Is your partner (man or woman) romantic?  What does romance mean to you?  How do you or your partner express your romantic feelings or love for one another?  Do you feel woman are overall more romantic than men?

Email, post a comment, whatever but I (we) would love to hear your thoughts!  ; )

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