Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Really It's That Hard?

Okay for any of you who have followed a few of my posts regarding my current house I live in, you know it's rather crazy at times.  I just can't believe people are really like this.  First let me give a quick summary of the people that live here and have lived here. 

And why today has left me it really that hard to lock a front door?

We live on the first floor of this old victorian home.  We have lived here for a few years yet the characters that have come and gone from the two other floors have been right out of a Seinfeld episode. 

First there was bob, a 40 something alcoholic....who when the local corner bar closed would stumble home drunk every night.  And made such a ruckus trying to get into his apartment.  He admitted to also having ocd....and spent nearly every day in the basement washing something.  Hey at least he was clean, and nice when sober. Drunk well that was a different story....let's just say scary.  He pretty much only paid one months rent, and the last straw for the landlords was when he hit his head on his own front door,dripping with blood he passed out in the hallway. 

Next up was Colin, a 21 yr old from upstate NY,fresh out of college and about to attend grad school.  Who thought when he rented the place that Philly was right down the block.  Well it technically is more of a 25 min drive, then walk. haha  He was okay but had odd habits like always popping up at our windows.  Down right scared us some nights.  Basically we would find him looking in, and then trying to start up a matter what we happen to be doing. He basically got bored living in such a tiny 3rd floor attic apt, found himself a girlfriend and when lease was up moved to a much more happening city locale.

Geoff and Nancy, 50 something guy and his girlfriend on the second floor realized they could not afford their apt, and took over the 3rd floor tiny apt.   Let me just say that this guy has never worked.  He is one of those blow bag types who claims to be an inventor but so far hasn't invented anything, basically mooches off his girlfriend and the only thing he seems to leave the apt to do is pick up beer.  Oh and did I mention he believes in a lot of conspiracy theories....first day we moved in he informed me "no one knows I live here".  Greatttttt. 

Then there is Catherine, the woman in her 50's who moved in the 2nd floor above us.  Turns out she is also an alcoholic, who hides all her alcohol in her trunk.  She comes out late at night to retrieve it, but our back window backs right up to the driveway so we can pretty much hear and see everything she does. haha  She doesn't work either, instead she lives off the taxpayers money.  She listens to her tv soooo loud we can hear every word of it, and does it into the wee hours of the night because she basically sleeps all day. And smokes so much it radiates out the cracks.  She can't park has basically almost hit both our cars, she knocks on our door constantly just to tell us useless things which usually don't make any sense because you guessed it she is drunk. 

So now let's get to lastest issues amongst house lady doesn't want the front door locked?  Call me crazy but isn't it normal to lock the front door?  Isn't that the normal and safe thing to do?  Granted we all have secure lock on our apartments doors but the main door should always be locked too.  We don't need anyone lurking in our hallway.  No she refuses to lock it and so the landlord who doesn't like to be bothered thinks it's okay.  In fact, the landlord said not to lock it from now on.  Huh??????

Isn't there a law of some sort that requires apartments to lock their main front door at all times? 

Can you understand why I want so bad to own my own house.  At this point, we just want a new place whether we own it or not we don't care.

 I don't like to judge anyone but when people stop being logical, when they can't adhere to simple rules like locking a door....well then I have an issue.  But it doesn't matter because new lady won't listen to reason nor will she give a reason as to why she won't lock it.  Please someone explain to me what is so hard about locking a door?  I mean she locks her own apartment door, so why can't she lock the main door? 

I've been searching high and low for a small house, in a nice neighborhood, that fits with our budget and honestly not having much luck.  I guess all major cities have high prices but come on in this economy, with so many people out of can anyone afford some of these? that's my housing dilemma.  And I just may have to make a tv show of it one day.  Tomorrow I promise no rants just raves!

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