Thursday, May 13, 2010

Positive Thoughts

Being laid off has really given me time to think.  And I realized where I previously worked had been rather toxic to my soul.  Don't get me wrong I had a few nice coworkers but overall it just wasn't a positive place to work.  And though I miss the money a lot, I don't miss feeling the negativity, pessimism or judgementalness that I always felt upon entering the office each morning.

Like the time the Vice President sent a message to the cfo calling the accountant a retard, he never knew the accountant saw it....but it left the accountant girl in tears and very hurt.  Or the time one of our Presidents in NY asked me to inquire about our vp's traveling schedule immediately, and when I went to ask him I was told he was tired of being treated like a child by the NY office and to get the f**k out of his office before he really went crazy.  Or the numerous times I was on the phone with clients as he walked by exclaiming loudly how much a bitch or asshole certain well to do clients were.  Like the clients that I had on the phone couldn't hear him? 

Nothing like some of the positive, nice environments I had been blessed to work at in the past.

Overall there is a lot of gossip, pessimism, anger, negativity in all parts of our world somedays.  And all those things do have an affect on us whether it be our bodies, our souls, our spirits, etc..

It got me thinking how many of us are subjected to toxic environments whether it be your workplace, commute, relationships, home, etc..  Are there places that make you feel negative, stressed or out of sorts, that instead of bringing happiness or peace to your life make you feel quite the opposite?  The same goes for people? 

The easy solution would be to change, just leave the toxicity behind.  Change jobs, houses, relationships, and so forth.   But reality is many of us do not have that luxury.  Many people are stuck in jobs they hate that bring them down each day, or stuck in places housing situations that they can't afford to change, etc.. 

So then my question becomes is it possible to bring some kind of positive change into toxic places or relationships that would allow them to maybe become a little less toxic?  Are we capable of changing environments or people, are we capable of changing pessimistic situations to optimistic?

Is it true what Norman Vincent Peale author of Positive Thinking said "Change your thoughts and you change your world. "  Can simply changing our thoughts about something change our world?  And is it possible to change others attitudes from bad to good?  If we can't free ourselves from a toxic environment or person, can changing how we think about it really make a difference?

He also was quoted as saying  "If you have zest and enthusiasm you attract zest and enthusiasm. Life does give back in kind."  I believe there is some truth in that because how often do others moods rub off on us?  If we encounter a moody, cynical individual its as if suddenly our mood takes on theirs.  Same goes for a happy, optimistic individual their good mood can be contagious.

Okay but then what is the key to truly having an affect on others.  Is it as simple as just changing the way we react to them or trying to rub our positiveness off on them?  I've been around some moody, grouchy, mean spirited people and personally I find it quite hard to get them in good spirits.  It can be very draining.  Maybe the key is to just keep trying and I'd like to think Mr Peale is right that the good you give will be returned if you remain positive. 

Well it's something to think about anyway.  Oh and check out this great postcard I found!

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