Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Beach Day

Nothing is more perfect then a beach day spent with the ones I love.

Anytime I spend a moment at the only strengthens my desire to live on the beach, or at least by the beach.  I used to live in San Diego, I worked a few blocks from the beach and spent most of my weekends gazing at the ocean.  To say I miss living in such a beautiful place is an understatement.  I miss the walks on the beach and watching the amazing sunsets every evening after work, the cottage beach houses, and the laid back lifestyle.

So why would I leave such a place....because home is where the heart is and my family they were still living on the east coast. 

At the moment we live about a hour and 40 minutes from the beach.  I can't complain because at least it's driveable but it's not the same as living in a beach town.  And the ride back home, driving through the city, the congestion, the pollution, the over crowdness, the noise, the just makes me feel more and more that I should be living in a beach town again.  

Of course, living full time in a beach town is easier said than done, as jobs in beach towns aren't exactly easy to come by and prices of housing are usually very high.  So it's something that appears to be a big dream unless I somehow win the lottery. 

For now a day spent at the beach with loved ones is a dreamy day and something to look forward to every now and then!

Do you have a place where your soul feels most at home?  Or a place that evokes pure relaxation?  That is what the beach is to me.  It makes me happy, it enlightens my soul, and to be honest I don't need music, book, or anything while sitting on the beach.  The sound of the ocean and seagulls is perfect.  What place makes you feel that way?

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