Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dependability is really something I seem to desire more and more lately.   I just want to be able to depend that when others give their word, or even make plans I can count on it to be true.  Know what I mean?

It's one of the best feelings in life.  Knowing someone has your back, knowing you can depend on another no matter what the situation, knowing that anothers word can be counted on to be trusted and true. 

Ever have people in your life who constantly say one thing, yet do another?  Those are the type people you come to trust less and less, and rely on less and less.  You know that somehow no matter what they say....well it can't be taken literally or even trusted.

And why is it some people are so dependable and trustworthy, yet others aren't at all.  Are we born that way or do we learn it somewhere along the way?

Maybe trust or honesty could be thrown in the mix here too, but I think it comes down to dependability or maybe accountability?

Whatever is it....I think it's nice to know there are people in our lives that we can depend on.   It's just a good feeling knowing you have people who mean what they say, uphold their promises and/or word, and can be trusted to always be counted on. 

That's my thoughts for this Sunday.  What do you think?

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