Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Some weeks I'm really good about writing and some I fail miserably. haha   There has been a lot going on in my world recently, enough so that I just haven't had a moment to really put my thoughts concisely on paper. 

You know what I mean?  There are those moments where I have almost too much to say, too much I want to write about, and so my thoughts end up randomly disheveled.

Today I just want to comment on a few things.  A couple blogs I followed have recently decided to become private, which can be good or bad..  And ironic that they would all seem to decide at the same time to go private. 

 I can definitely understand where they are coming from because in writing a blog we often times share very personal information that we might not want everyone out there reading, because in essence you never quite know who is reading a blog.  To share personal details with the world, and even to share pictures can be scary at times. 

On the other hand sharing it publicly has the ability to reach a broader audience allowing their blogs to be read by more.  And some of these blogs are down right great and it's great for them to be out there for people to read.  But the privacy issue is a big factor and it's hard sometimes when you do write a blog because often times it can be read by people you don't want too.  Or bloggers recieve comments they wish they had not.because let's face it not everyone shares the same point of view and not everyone is nice about it. 

So that being said I have to admit that their going private has me wondering somedays if I should do that too.   Then I could really dish right? lol   We'll see for now I like sharing my thoughts with everyone but who knows that can change daily.

Second, I'd like to comment on the news.  Lately I just have felt very discouraged by all the negative news we seem to encounter whether it be on tv, online, or in the papers.  It really has left me wondering....Are there any nice people left?  Is anyone loyal or faithful?  Does anyone tell the truth?  Do men and women have any morals or values left? Will this country ever unite to do whats best for our citizens?  Or better yet will this country ever listen to what the people really have to say or think?   Will our economy ever improve if we give money to banks only to have them spend it on big bonuses and vacations?   Why are all the top news stories so depressing?  Why does no one seem to know how to drive or the rules of the road?   These are just some of the questions that fill my mind when I hear or read the news each day.  Someone please....start a positive newspaper or news network on tv!

Third, somedays I think about turning my blog into some kind purely inspirational blog which I think would be fun to write.  Though I need an outlet to express my opinions too.  Which is why I call this blog about my world because it really is a hodge podge of stuff.  Then again it reflects my personality because I tend to be interested in such a variety of things that to create just a blog about one topic would be difficult for me.  Ask my man sometimes I am just all over the place in conversation.  ; )

Fourth, I hope in somehow writing this blog I do help others or make others think. 

Try to have a great day!  (and to do that you should probably avoid listening to the news and driving)

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